Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Politico Reveals That Well Known C4P Commenter "Toki De La Vega" Is The Source For Palin Aide Rebecca Mansour's Twitter Leaks - UPDATE!

By Kathleen

Ben Smith at Politico has revealed that the source for the leaks of Rebecca Mansour's twitter messages revealing what she really thinks about right wing writers, politicians and members of the "Big Boss" family is Toki de la Vega.

If Toki's name seems familiar that is because he was at one time a regular contributer at Conservatives4Palin. He also put up websites in conjunction with C4P contributer Joseph Russo viciously attacking anti palin critics such as Andree McLeod (see below).

Toki asked Ben Smith for payment for the release of 122 private messages between himself and Palin aide Rebecca Mansour, otherwise known as RAM or RAM the hammer because of her no prisoners held attack style of commenting and banning anyone who dared to criticise Queen Sarah. The two appear to have much in common with one another.

In his article Smith writes:

I've been waiting for this one to break for a few months, as somebody tried to sell me the same emails last fall.

"Does Politico pay for exclusives? Cause I'm looking to sell. I have 122 direct messages from Sarah Palin staffer Rebecca Mansour," the person emailed, eventually sending along sample direct messages identical to a couple the Caller posted. They were forwarded from the account of one improbably named Toki de la Vega, a contributor to some pro-Palin sites, though there was a man's name attached to one of the tweets as well.

Read Ben Smith's entertaining article in full in which Toki today tries to walk back his original dirt for cash offer to Smith. That alone should keep you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Sing it Everly Brothers:

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UPDATE: Link to Toki's blog:


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In honour of Toki and his preoccupation with "Square Bob Square Pants"


UPDATE 3 (by Patrick):

I am back from work, and what a day it has been again!

The infamous right-wing blogger "Ace of Spades" linked to us, which is a very surprising "honor." Hasn't he looked at our other posts - or has he...? Maybe he discovered something which he found interesting. ;-)

The Peebots are now all upset over "Toki De La Vega", but what they forget is that Toki De La Vega was a very popular commenter at Conservatives4Palin for a very long time. But not only that - Toki De La Vega also once had a blog together with C4P co-founder Joseph Russo, who was on the payroll of SarahPAC for several months! The blog was called "Fist of the North Star."

I dived deeped into my archives and uncovered a few things which I had saved about Toki De La Vega. First, here are three screenshots of the forementioned blog "Fist of the North Star", which he ran together with Joseph Russo. In this post, Toki De La Vega published very disgusting remarks about Andree McLeod (click to enlarge):

There is more! I was very happy when I discovered that I had saved some examples of Toki's comments on C4P. I made screenshots in 2009 after Toki had used the picture of one of our commenters at Palingates as his profile picture:

Note the "advertisment" in the above screenshot of the C4P website for Sarah Palin's first unethical legal defense fund, the "Alaska Fund Trust" - with which Palin had nothing, oh absolutely nothing at all to do, I swear!


What is Sarah Palin doing in the meantime, while her online guardian Rebecca Mansour embarrasses herself and her foe Frank Bailey makes the rounds in the media?

She dodges the camera-equipped helicopters in Arizona which have been charted by the lamestream media!

Watch how the wannabe-President hides in the shadows, together with companion Todd.

Sarah, we already know it's you! It's Game over! ;-)


UPDATE 4 (by Patrick):

Just to let you all know, we received the final confirmation from a highly reliable source in Alaska today that the Palins indeed bought the house in Arizona. But to be honest, we already had no doubts any more yesterday after we clearly recognized Sarah and Todd in the news clip we posted.

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