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"Conservatives4Palin" - The land of "Palin-utopia", where you get banned for "disrespecting the Governor" and where outlandish Palin-worshipping is encouraged

By Patrick

The time has come to say a few words again about our "special friends", the people from Sarah Palin's top-fansite "Conservatives4Palin" ("C4P"), where the Palin-worshippers have created a land of Palin-utopia that allows not the slightest deviation from the "Palin party line" and encourages the most outlandish Palin-worshipping. It is a place where an alternate reality has been created and is being nurtured by a busy team of editors every day.

It is a website which claims to be independent from Sarah Palin and her official organizations, but Sarah Palin's former top-aide Frank Bailey inconveniently revealed in his book "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin" that Conservatives4Palin received their talking points from Palin-aide Meg Stapleton in 2009 in order to discredit Juneau-resident Chip Thoma (p. 323). As a result of the communications between Meg Stapleton and C4P, their writer Joey Russo published a bogus-story about the invented fact that Thoma wanted to "close down Piper Palin's lemonade stand."

Today the moderators were busy again at C4P, as in the comments of the current "Open Thread" the party line was not obeyed. The trouble started when long-time right-wing commenter "njinfl" uttered dissatisfaction about Sarah Palin being "mute" on political issues:

Oh no - it was clear that there was trouble ahead in paradise. Deviation from the daily Palin-worshipping, especially questioning the wisdom of the "Governor" is considered high-treason over at Sarah's most fanatical fan club.

Then "njinfl" doubled down and criticised Sarah Palin for being silent on the immigration policies:

Quite reasonable criticism from a right-wing point of view, don't you think? The commenter "njinfl" expresses unhappiness that Sarah Palin is silent on certain issues - and "njinfl" has a point, because Sarah Palin's main occupation these days is to pose for photos, give boring speeches for insane amounts of money and blast on Obama on facebook and twitter for everything he says or does (receiving a collective "yawn" from the general public). So there is apparently not much time left for creating policies which could save the United States of America, which would be quite difficult anyway as this would also require a certain degree of "intelligence", amongst other things.

However, as was to be expected, the story wasn't over at this point, because high-treason had been committed. The "Governor" had been criticised. Such a grave offence could not be left unpunished!

So the moderator, C4P-author and dedicated Palin-fan Steve Flesher, who interestingly and somewhat surprisingly is also the founder of the website, had to step in. He first rebuked "njinfl" for leaving the comments and quickly afterwards deleted the comments altogether and banned "njinfl."

Of particular interest is Steve Flesher's explanation of his actions, as this beautifully demonstrates the authoritarian mindset which Sarah Palin's cult followers have incorporated - a mindset which is expressed also in virtually thousands of published emails by the "Governor" herself in which she rants about bloggers, journalists and other miscreants who dared to not love her words and/or actions as they were expected to do.

Moderator Steve Flesher commented:

"Governor Palin has been at the forefront of holding GOP politicians in every rank of government accountable. What in world would you argue that she is doing? Accusing her of hypocrisy is not something one would do when they consider all the facts and comments like that are not welcome here. Disrespecting the Governor especially without facts is grounds for banning. Please don't let it happen again."

"Disrespecting the Governor is grounds for banning!" Actually, Sarah Palin couldn't have said it better herself. Well done, Steve!

So these are your "freedom-loving" Palin-fans for you. You have the freedom to love Sarah Palin, that is for sure!

But going after detractors is just one of the main attractions of the No.1 website of the Palin-cult. The other question is just how far the Palin-cultists will go with their boundless adoration of the "Governor." There is one commenter at C4P who thoroughly deserves to be mentioned, and this is of course the beloved and somewhat unfortunately named "Brianus Berkleianus." He provides us with new entertainment every day, although his activities are virtually indistinguishable from parody. However, he is the real thing indeed!

"Brianus" not only leaves the most inventive, ridiculously enthusiastic comments imaginable, he also started a website quite a while ago which is dedicated to analysing every page of Sarah Palin's autobiography "Going Rogue" - and he slowly "analyses" one page after the other. The current count at his website with his "Reflections" ends at page 125.  If you are looking for the ultimate Palin-worshipper, it has to be "Brianus Berkleianus." He might see this as a compliment, but one has to be at the absolute bottom of the rabbit hole in order not to see the insanity. As I said, absolutely indistinguishable from parody - but real.

One of his most recent comments:

Just one example - excerpt from his analysis of page 111 of "Going Rogue":


What profound matter for reflection is contained in the tiny yet vast compass of these three little words (four for "uncle" joe biden).

First, think how many more true FRIENDS Sarah has now than she did when she launched her campaign for Governor back in 2005. At that time the fields of her friendships were mostly confined to the Great Land; now, now, because she has fought and suffered so greatly for America since 2008, she has millions upon more millions of true friends who have either met her in person over the course and career of the last four-plus years, or, even though they may never have encountered her in her lovely person, feel that they have in Sarah of Alaska a TRUE FRIEND, a personal friend … almost a family member!!

Now let us consider briefly the word "volunteer." What is its etymology? It comes from the Latin word VOLUNTAS, "Free Will."

Sarah's friends chose to help her out of the depths of their free will.

I think that history has demonstrated over and over what a few FREE fighters can accomplish when they are set against SLAVE armies of the opposition.

As one example, just consider Leonidas' 300 Spartan warriors and what they accomplished against the slave hordes of the Persian King, Xerxes, at the famed and fateful Pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

As another example, consider what the warriors of the American Revolution wrought against the professional soldiers of the British Empire and against their Hessian mercenaries!

FREE service proceeds and wells up from all the depths of the "deep heart's core"; it comes from LOVE!!!

Yes, Sarah's friends volunteered to help her in 2005-2006.

This will be as nothing compared to what, IMV, is just around the corner.

When she raises her Alaskan and American Battle Standard;

When she sounds Freedom's Trumpet Call of Thunder;

We shall behold:


Sarah and her Free Friends will save America!!!

Therefore Brianus achieved to merge parody and reality in an absolutely unique way, which is quite an accomplishment. Maybe not the accomplishment that Brianus was hoping for, but from an entertainment point of view it is actually quite remarkable in my opinion.

"Conservatives4Palin" is a website where merciless persecution of detractors and critics and boundless, fact-free adoration of Sarah Palin go hand in hand. It is actually a fitting tribute to Sarah Palin. If Sarah Palin herself had to create a website, I am sure it would be "Conservatives4Palin." After all, "Utopia" is just a mouse-click away, if you want it! The personality-cult in action. Belieeeeeve!

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