Saturday, May 11, 2013

Open Thread - Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 2013 - PLUS: Comedy Bonus and Blue Sheep!

By Patrick

Hi everyone, at the last post we have more than 1.000 comments already. Therefore I thought that it is a good idea to put up an open thread, so that the comments will be easier to access, and hopefully we can get more than 1.000 comments here as well (just joking)!

Anyway, as many of you will know, I am an enthusiastic hobby photographer, and once the weather is fine, our city, Frankfurt am Main in Germany, provides great opportunities for taking pictures.

There is no shortage of objects, as Frankfurt am Main has become a "paradise" for modern architecture, and is one of Germany's biggest boom towns.

So hope you enjoy some of the pictures which I have taken this week, and please continue to talk about anything and everything.

Click on the pictures to enlarge, naturally!



OK, if we have an open thread, we ought to have some comedy as well. Unless of course there is absolutely nothing to laugh about any more!

I love Hollywood-people, they sometimes seem to live on a different planet, with less worries, more sun and fun, and quite often also with more money, the lucky ones! We have a number of very dear friends around LA and in CA, and who knows, maybe we will visit there one day, after we have purchased bulletproof vests and have studied all about the rules in order not to be thrown in same privatized US dungeon from which we would probably never escape again.

So let's share some laughs with some of the "stars" - first, Steve Carell, who clearly is a master in the art of improvised expressions, on Conan:



Some historically interesting photos which I took at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. The vaults of the castle served as a prison for prisoners of war in the 18th century and early 19th century, and prisoners from many countries were imprisoned there, including Americans, and they often had to live there for several years before they were released.

The prisoners sometimes made carvings in the doors which had political messages, and some of these carvings remained. I took a picture of two of the carvings which relate to America, and the explanations (when I saw them, I actually immediately thought to put them on the blog at some point).

Here is an explanation about the rations which the prisoners received -
note the last sentence about Americans:

One man's pirate is another man's freedom fighter! :-)



Look at this! You wouldn't believe what I just found - the creators of the blue sheep also create for example blue rabbits and blue little piggies!

As the blue sheep were such a smashing success, here are the contact details of their creators, in case you seriously consider to buy some (I already included the German country code):

Mrs. Bertamaria Reetz
Mr. Rainer Bonk
Lohmuhler Weg 6
47495 Rheinberg
Landline: 0049 2844 900290
Fax: 0049 2844 903935
Mobile: 0049 160 8026260

They actually say that it would be better to call them.

They even had an exhibition in a church in Germany:

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