Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sarah Palin May Day creativilization fun post!

By Patrick

It's a slow news today on May Day 2013, apart from the fact that these weird "workers" and their even weirder "unions" as well as "immigrants" feel the need to hold rallies, because they apparently just cannot be happy with what they have got. Are they not simply happy with being alive, like other people? Maybe they should go shopping or watch a Disney movie instead, to give them a happy face.

But there are actually interesting news, after all: John Oliver is going to replace Jon Stewart on the Daily Show for several months this year! I love it! I always thought that John Oliver is absolutely brilliant. Very much looking forward to it!

So this is a post which shouldn't been taken too seriously. But taking American politics too seriously these days is virtually impossible as well. A country in which the majority of all Senators apparently believe that it is a constitutional right to own assault weapons as well as other high-powered firearms without adequate background checks really is at the brink of insanity in my opinion. Or am I missing something?

Let's be serious for a moment: I was deeply shocked to see that in Senator Feinstein's hearing on gun control on February 27 the very serious concerns of the testifying police officers were being dismissed in the most stupid manner. According to their own statements, the police officers have been suffering from a brutal "arms race" during the last 20 years, with criminals owning more and more powerful weapons, in many cases obtained in a way that did not require background checks, for example at gun shows.

The police officers described at the hearing that they have to deal with a constantly increasing death toll amongst officers, due to the more and more powerful weapons. And what happened during the hearing? The concerns of the police officers were dismissed by the "pro-gun" Senators. It was shameful. Watch for example this exchange between Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Milwaukee police chief Edward A. Flynn:

Being "pro-gun NRA-style" is simply shameful and unpatriotic. The police officers have to suffer the consequences of these ignorant policies, as well as other people.

OK, but now some Sarah Palin fun, otherwise it will get too depressing. Sarah Palin gave us some grief during the previous years as well, being the ultimate mean girl who was once being loved by the media, with journalists who cheered the ratings and who also believed that it was a journalistic crime to investigate her. However, things have changed a little bit. These days Sarah Palin is not only the ultimate mean girl (still), but also the ultimate national joke. So let's have a little laugh!

Some of our readers were very creative during the previous days, and special thanks to our reader KatieAnnieOakley, who was particularly active, and many thanks to all other participants!

Therefore I would like to present some of the results of the recent creative process. Sarah Palin's ever increasing bust line in particular inspired our readers, as well as her epic "assclowns" tweet.

So here we go. I picked up an idea from our readers and made the following memepic:

Here are other compositions by our readers:

I think this was found somewhere else:

I will never get tired of Sarah Palin. Which is fine, as she has moved into the entertainment business. We will get a laugh out of her for many years to come.

Let's also remember the genius of our beloved AzureGhost, who currently is taking a break from the "Palin-world", but created the most wonderful compositions in the past, like these ones:

Well, at least Bristol got the message, apparently. Seems that she is smarter than her mother.

There is evidently hope for the Palin-family. Sarah, however, is hopeless as ever.

Here endeth the lesson! Good night!

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