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Politicalgates presents: Sarah Palin Endorsement Tracker 2014 - UPDATE: Sarah Palin still cannot deliver

By Patrick

Sarah Palin has done a lot of endorsin' recently for the 2014 primaries, but the celebrated "kingmaker" from 2010 has one big problem: Unfortunately, it is not 2010 any more. However, even in 2010, her role as a kingmaker was very much disputed, because after the election, some GOP congressmen openly claimed that "Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate." 

In any case, the "Tea Party" is under pressure, as the GOP civil war continues, because, believe it or not, the GOP finally wants to win again:

Well, if we were Democratic campaign strategists, we certainly would love the teabaggers to win the primaries, but from an overall point of view I believe that virtually everyone would have to admit that empowering extremists can only have very bad consequences. Therefore, I am happy that "less extreme" candidates are winning the primaries - even though they still might be very right-wing, and far from "moderate."

Oh, memories...

Sarah Palin is off to a very bad start, as the teabaggers are just not very popular any more. From her first five picks, four lost, and only Greg Abbott in Texas won the primary in Texas for Governor, but with no significant opposition, and as he was endorsed by virtually everyone, Sarah Palin is the last person he would have to thank.

Thin-skinned Sarah Barracuda already realized that her (alleged) "winning streak" is history and demanded from the GOP-establishment to "stop gloating", and therefore admitted defeat. Mama Grizzly is visibly upset.

The endorsed candidate Joni Ernst in Iowa even believes that it is a good idea to copy Sarah Palin's "style" - good luck with that!

To keep track, we created our own "Sarah Palin endorsement tracker" for 2014, now also included in the sidebar, and we will update it regularly:

Primaries 2014 - Total result so far: 8 WON, 11 LOST

Greg Abbott, Texas (Governor) - WON (with no significant opposition)

+++ Many thanks to our wonderful Sunnyjane for helping to compile the dates!+++

We are very much looking forward to more angry post from Sarah's facebook bunker.

Finally: The comments at this article reporting Sarah Palin's endorsement for Karen Handel are really gold.

Everyone is just sick of her, apart from the handful of deluded fans, and her endorsement won't help candidates. Sarah Palin is pure political poison, and it is not very hard to predict that Sarah Palin's endorsement activities will eventually cease to exist soon, just like the Tea Party.


UPDATE May 21, 2014:

Three more results are now in, and the trend is clear: Sarah Palin just cannot win the races where she herself is the most important supporter of a candidate. The candidacy of Karen Handel was another "litmus test" for Sarah Palin that badly failed. All the vocal support by the Queen of ignorance from Alaska, including TV-ads with Sarah Palin, didn't help Karen Handel at all.

Sarah Palin herself was extremely excited just days before the election and really thought that Handel's opponents, who she called "the good old boys" were scared of Karen Handel - the conservative website "Newsmax" reported:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that Georgia Republican primary Senate candidate Karen Handel is being ganged up on by "the good old boys" because they are scared of the "conservative change" she could bring.

"There is a reason the good old boys are ganging up on Karen — she threatens their status quo," Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, wrote on her Facebook page Monday morning.

"They know that she will shake it up in Washington," she said of the former Georgia secretary of state. "Change scares them, and that is why they've tossed everything including the kitchen sink her way. In Washington she will bring positive conservative change just like she did in Georgia, and she won't be afraid to call them like she sees them."

Palin said that the midterm elections this November "are about who we send to Washington to help restore our country after six years of a disastrous administration . . . . It's about who we trust to keep their word to fight for conservative principles and grow the conservative movement at the same time."

But the "good old boys" were just laughing. Karen Handel's result was a huge disappointment, as she only reached the third place and is not even part of the run-off, which will be between David Perdue and Jack Kingston.

With friends like Sarah Palin, you really need no enemies!

Her two endorsements that won in Nebraska, Pete Ricketts and Ben Sasse, are nothing to write home about as far as Sarah Palin is concerned, as both candidates were endorsed by a large number of other politicians and political groups.

Where Sarah Palin's support really counted, she could not deliver so far in the 2014 Republican primaries.

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