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Sarah Palin lost her Christian base with one sentence, and the world instantly has become a better place - Bonus: A real-life sighting of Sarah & Todd in Anchorage, and Levi's and Bristol's custody trial is now scheduled not just for one, but two days!

By Patrick

I am sorry that it took quite a while to put a new post up, but I guess we were just drunk with joy. Sarah Palin finally managed to make what I would call the biggest blunder of her entire career when she managed to annoy almost every true Christian believer with her now infamous "waterboarding = baptism" statement. This was such a horrid act of misjudgement that almost every US and non-US citizen who followed the story felt compelled to breathe a deep sigh of relief once again that this woman did not become the VP. God probably worked overtime in 2008 in order to prevent that. So thank you so much, God, whether you exist or not!

In any case, her Christian base is now virtually gone, and this is something which really will hurt Sarah's marketability in the future, as she in my opinion was destined for some sort of role within the religious crowd. She tried that in the past with some success, and presented her unique breed of real and fictional tales for example to the "Woman of Joy" conference in Kentucky in 2010 (read the transcript), and just recently she hooked up with disgraced Christian "leader" Ralph E. Reed in order to collect her usual hefty speaking fees. 

But I think she can forget about this now for the most part. Her credibility in the Christian movement has now been damaged beyond repair, and the beautiful thing is that she did this all to herself. It was not the "lamestream" media, it was not some pesky blogger, or anyone else, it was Sarah herself, believing that it would be a good idea to be inspired by a moronic and offensive "right-wing bumper sticker":

Or maybe it was one of her "speech-writers" who got inspired. In any case, Sarah was the one who said it, and then even doubled down on this remark afterwards, so that's good enough for us.

This is the kind of headline we patiently waited to see:

So Sarah Palin's "walk to oblivion" now has been accelerated significantly, and it already seems certain in my view that Sarah Palin will be remembered by historians as somebody who said some silly, silly things and therefore was unfit to remain in politics. Which would be a shame, because there is so much more to Sarah Palin. She is also somebody who was more or less successful in hiding several huge "private secrets", and I am convinced that these secrets, which have never been "officially" acknowledged, kept her from running in 2012. Sarah knew that she would be unable to dodge questions about her pregnancy with Trig, as well as other issues, and rather dropped out, after having undertaken great efforts to prepare her candidacy, for example with yet another ghost-written book, and even with an ambitious propaganda film (which was panned by every film-critic in the country).

This theory of mine is also supported by one of Sarah Palin's own emails, the famous message in which she SCREAMED about, well, being subjected to the rumours of Track not being Todd's son, including the very revealing statements: "....this is the type of bullshit lie about family that WILL keep me from running for Governor"... "I WILL PULL OUT OF THE RACE BECAUSE IT'S NOT WORTH IT..."

From: Sarah

To: Scott Heyworth Cc: Todd Palin

Sent: Friday, January 06, 2006 10:19 AM

Subject: Todd's son


Todd just told me you had spoken with him awhile back and reported that some law enforcement friends of yours claimed some dumbass lie about Track not being Todd's son? This really, really disgusts me and ticks me off.

I want to know right now who said it, who would ever lie about such a thing... this is the type of bullshit lie about family that WILL keep me from running for Governor. I hate this kind of crap. I thought it was bad enough that my kids have been lied about recently regarding illegal activities that they had NO part in whatsoever. But a stupid claim like one of our kids isn't fathered by Todd?

I want to know NOW what this latest b.s. is all about because I want to get to the bottom of this garbage rumor mill. People who lie like this may know me well enough to KNOW THAT I WILL ALWAYS PUT FAMILY FIRST, AND IF UGLY LIES LIKE THIS ARE BELIEVED BY ANYONE AND ADVERSELY AFFECT MY HUSBAND AND KIDS... I WILL PULL OUT OF THE RACE BECAUSE IT'S NOT WORTH IT - AT ALL - TO LET MY FAMILY BE VICTIMS OF DARK, UGLY POLITICS LIKE THIS. Sarah

I always thought that we can really take Sarah on her word there.

Whatever her reasons were not to enter the 2012 primaries, Sarah Palin always is her own worst enemy. One could rely on her inability to understand that words can have consequences, as hate and rage dominates her world-view.

A reader at Gawker posted a remarkable comment about his experience with Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013, and it really summed up pretty well why Sarah Palin is truly frightening:

OK so here is my Sarah Palin story. I went to CPAC in 2013 to cover it, yes, as a journalamist, for a bloggy thing, and I had press credentials, and I partied with the young conservative libertarian nerds, and I gawked at the many obviously, seriously mentally ill attendees, like the 50-something maybe possibly one-time long ago beauty queen in a Flag themed majorette uniform, including red, white and blue be-starred cowboy boots, and I sat through the speeches given by the whole pantheon of wingnut conservative assholes, (even got my picture taken with Santorum) including Gingrich, Rand Paul, and others whom I have forgotten, probably PTSD.

Alone among them, Sarah Palin emitted palpable waves of evil. Santorum is pretty bad, because he might be the craziest of them all, but she is by far the most evil. Most of them seemed like average schmucks saying their lines on stage because they had figured out how to make a living through rabble-rousing and demagoguery. Not good people, but average corrupt venal people, consistently above average maybe only in egotism.

But Sarah Palin was noticeably different. She made my skin crawl, gave me the shivers. She is a diabolically evil hateful shrill cunt. She wants to kill, she feeds on the hate she delights in whipping up. I had press credentials and sat among the journalists in the front row. When she started her speech one of her first things to do was point us out, point her fingers at the press in the room and start on with her awful screeching "I see the LAME-stream media is here, what lies are you liars gonna tell huh? Lets give the lame stream media people a welcome, hey everybody," and suddenly the crazy fucking yahoos in the audience were booing and baying for blood and I was genuinely afraid, and she was just so fucking pleased, so tickled, by her power to come that close to inciting a riot. She is, truly, genuinely, a vile, vile, evil human being.

As a consequence of Sarah Palin's "baptism" statement, large parts of the conservative movement openly turned against Sarah, and it really could not have happened to a more deserving person. The people who were insulted as "RINO's" on a regular basis fought back, and the result was devastating.

Yes, it IS finally "safe" for conservatives to criticize Sarah Palin. Hallelujah!

Sarah Palin will of course not shut up, but she is done. I am absolutely convinced that it also will only be a matter of time until she will be seen as so unpopular and poisonous that even her endorsements will not be welcome any more. She simply annoyed too many people, burned too many bridges, and now has become a symbol of the overall decline of the Tea Party.

So what is left? Well, certainly a fascinating case study of a woman who was brought down by her well-known "dark soul" on the one hand and her inability to think before speaking on the other hand. This also in combination with an even more fascinating variety of highly embarrassing private secrets.

I find it incredibly satisfying that Palin was brought down by her own words, and that is unable to blame anybody else for her stupid remarks. This is the best outcome, as Sarah likes nothing more to portray herself as a victim.

I just wished that Joe McGinniss would still be amongst us to have seen this development.

I also would like to repeat a comment which I made on the previous post:

I am just loving the fact that it is SO OBVIOUS that the "moderate conservatives" now all seem to have "collectively" decided that the time has come to go after Sarah Palin, after all those years of being constantly attacked and smeared by the Palinbots. Now the "RINO's" want revenge, and they surely will get it. And you just KNOW that there is Karl Rove in the background, who surely uses all his influence to promote or even coordinate these attacks. After all, he is the master of background attacks, as he has realized that this is where real power comes from. I just love it.

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party have to be beaten. Even though some Democrats might like the idea to face these extremists in an election, I am convinced that the teabaggers are far too dangerous for the country, far too toxic and far too unhinged to be allowed to remain a viable force in politics. The "moderate Republicans" are right to go after them, and as long the teabaggers have influence, there can be no real progress in society whatsoever.

Very sorry, dear Democratic campaign strategists, but Sarah is a thing of the past.



From our friends in Alaska, we still very frequently receive interesting messages, and "sightings" of Sarah and Todd are not that rare. Recently, we received a report about Sarah being on a flight from Phoenix to Anchorage, and the comment was: "She looked liked a Holocaust Camp Victim – emaciated."

Yesterday we received a new message, and now we at least have some proof that Sarah Palin is still eating food - even if this seems hard to believe... :-)

On Friday, May 2, Sarah and Todd were spotted in Anchorage at Costco - buying "junk food." The interesting thing here is that they both tried to hide while being in public, and Todd was hiding behind large sun glasses even in the produce cooler room (he's a big star, ya know...).

More from the report: "She reached over by me to grab some asparagus in the produce cooler and I turned to look straight at her - Her make-up looked baked on! And she looks so thin that she has no butt!"

Therefore, not only Sarah's career, but also her desire to chat to citizens in public apparently has suffered severely.

In addition, the fact that she was in Anchorage on Friday proved that she did not attend the Republican 2014 State Convention, which took place at the same time in Juneau. Yes, the days of "Sarah the politician" are truly over, and her demise is mostly mourned by the Democrats who now have lost an easy-to-beat opponent, who was also great for fund-raising.

Here is the high-resolution photo from the encounter on Friday in Anchorage (click to enlarge):




Good news for Levi Johnston: The judge has scheduled the custody trial on two days, 30th and 31st July 2014! Following the evidentiary (preliminary) hearing on Friday, 2 May, the judge obviously thought that a lot of evidence will have to be considered. This looks like it could be bad news for Bristol who is just as reactive as her mother, and is likely not at all happy that Levi is determined to gain regulated access to his son.

Read our extensive previous reporting about Levi's custody case against Bristol, together with the complete trial documents.

Therefore, we have lots of pleasant news to report these days. Good things come to those who wait.

Thank you again, God! :-)


The trial date got cancelled and was replaced with a settlement conference, which took place on Monday, September 8, 2014. According to the Alaska court records, a settlement was reached in the custody trial between Levi and Bristol. The details of the settlement are sealed, therefore we do not know the outcome.




You might be a teabagger if…

- You think patriotism is measured by the number of guns you own.
- You vote for the candidate who is the hottest or has the biggest balls
- You think giving to charity means supporting the new girl at the local strip club
- Your father is also your cousin
- Your daughter is in fact your granddaughter
- You blame all of your hardships on Obama… Oops stubbed my toe… Obama’s fault!
- You are so desperate to insult that you take all of your faults and project them onto those you hate
- You think everyone who thinks differently is “scared”
- You try to qualify a racist statement you make by ending the rant with “just sayin”
- You have nothing good to say about a college education
- You own a confederate flag
- You think tax is a four letter word
- You think you are better than everyone else
- You have sociopathic and/or psychopathic tendencies
- You think scientists are the devil - You think religion trumps morality
- Your 15 minutes of fame is just another COPS re-run



This is an absolute must-see! Veep Selina Meyer meets Veep Joe Biden - so good!

(h/t Raw Story)

EDIT - It turns out that this is an extended version! Unfortunately, at the WHCD they only showed a shortened clip.

Watch the "long version":

In addition, President Obama was in stellar form as well!

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