Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Levi Johnston - Alaska Sport and Fishing Guide Business

By Kathleen

Levi Johnston has set up a new business as a Sport Fishing Guide. I understand that the name of the company is actually Alaskan Dreams Charters and not Alaska Dream Charters as written on the license and that the name will be fixed quite soon.

 Setting up his own guide business has been Levi's goal for a long time and I believe that the family has plans and hopes that the business will develop into something bigger in the future.  

Levi is also a qualified electrician. Holding down two jobs is an indication of how determined and hard working he is. It also goes to show that he is a courageous family man who has dreams for his family's future and well being. With the help of his beautiful, hard working wife their lives are sure too flourish.

We here at Politicalgates wish Levi and his family well for the development and expansion of his dream business.

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