Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Open Post - John Fugelsang Destroys Every Pro-Confederate Flag Argument In 3 minutes. UPDATE: Confererate Descendant, Bill Starr, Claims "There is no Honor" in the Confederacy Battle Flag

By Kathleen

Jim Morin, The Miami Herald

A recent poll by the Post and Courier newspaper based in Charleston revealed that more than two thirds of the South Carolina General Assembly would like to see the Confederate battle flag removed from the grounds of the State House.

Protesters called for the removal of the flag following the racially motivated deaths of nine black people in a church in Charleston by Dylann Roof. Roof appeared in photos on social media displaying the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of his white supremacist views. 

However, many supporters of the flag want it to remain at its present site because they feel it is part of their heritage and history, regardless as to how toxic it might appear to other people who view it as a symbol of an oppressive past.

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

The Confederacy battle flag has been an issue of controversy for years now and in my opinion no one destroys the myth that it is merely a symbol of heritage or state rights more than John Fugelsang in this video published on youtube in December 2012. 


Senators and House members of South Carolina who have declared that you want to see that symbol of oppression removed I hope you all turn up for the vote next week. No excuses will be accepted if you don't.


This morning I watched the interview of Bill Starr, a descendant of confederacy soldiers, who believes that many confederacy soldiers were drafted and died in a fight to protect "  the most unjust institution in history for a bunch of rich slaveowners ". 

Bill Starr has much more to say and the interview by Story of America is certainly worth taking some time out of your day to watch.

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