Friday, July 17, 2015

This Summer or Early Fall President Obama May Visit Todd Palin's Home Town, Dillingham, Alaska. UPDATE: Alaska Dispatch News Confirms President Obama Will attend Anchorage conference in late August

By Kathleen

On Nov. 12, 2009  President Obama visited Elmendorf Air Force Base. During his first trip to the state on his way to Asia, the President delivered a speech to thousands of Alaska military men and women, their families, veterans and others. Photo courtesy of Mark Begich, Flickr

According to KDLG, the public radio station for Bristol Bay, in Alaska,
"a team from the White House will be in Dillingham this Thursday and Friday to check out the town ahead of a possible visit by President Obama later this year."

The Mayor of Dillingham, Alice Ruby, revealed: 

"We were contacted by some Washington staffers to tell us that it’s possible the President would make a trip to Alaska sometime in the late summer or fall, and that it’s also possible that he might visit some rural communities, and Dillingham had made the list of those communities," said Ruby. "So a pre-advance team would visit and look at different facilities and meetings and so on."

Mayor Ruby went on to say:

 "the team will visit various facilities, including the airport, the hospital, the school and the campus."

And she thinks that:

"Dillingham may be one of several Alaskan communities receiving such a visit this summer."

The last time that President Obama was in Alaska was in November 2009, when during a brief visit he honoured veterans and military men and women at Elmendorf military base. During the trip he revealed that he would like to make a longer visit in the future but that the visit would be during the summer.

If President Obama does visit Dillingham I wonder if it will stimulate some interest from the wife of a certain fish picker who was born and raised there?

Perhaps Mrs Palin will finally get her chance to dazzle and impress the President of the United States with her grace, beauty and fortitude? Maybe Todd will do the honours of turning up to greet the President with his wife, after all he's pretty much been out of sight since the announcement that Bristol's planned wedding to Dakota Meyer was off. Instead, a few weeks later, Bristol announced that she was pregnant.

Please give your best responses of how Sarah Palin will respond to the news of a possible visit by President Obama to Dillingham in the comments. 

Alternatively, you might wish to comment about what measures the President's security might take to avoid any unplanned meet and greet with Dillingham's best known son and his quitter wife. 


The Alaska Dispatch News has confirmed that President Obama will attend a conference in Anchorage discussing the Arctic on 31st August. 

"Obama will attend the State Department's "GLACIER" conference, which "will convene foreign ministers from Arctic nations and key non-Arctic states with scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders from Alaska and the Arctic region to discuss how climate change is reshaping the Arctic, increase global awareness of how Arctic climate change is affecting the rest of the world, and identify individual and collective actions to address these challenges," according to White House spokesperson Hallie Ruvin."

The ADN also writes:

"Long-standing rumors suggest that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry could visit more than just Anchorage on their visit this summer. 

This week, Dillingham Mayor Alice Ruby told local public radio station KDLG that White House staffers had contacted the community about a potential visit, and a team arrived there to visit the local airport, hospital and school, among other facilities."


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