Monday, August 10, 2015

Donald Trump, Comedy Edition

By Patrick

Donald Trump is a man who will never ever become US President, as he is too unreal for this world. But he is just perfect for the world of comedy. Just like it was the case in 2008 with Sarah Palin, cartoonists and comedians all over the USA surely are overjoyed.

The Donald is like an SNL-skit coming to life, which is very surreal, because there were SNL-skits about him made already years ago, which were "spot-on", and are actually quite difficult to distinguish from reality. I suggest that some of these old SNL-clips should be shown to a group of his fans (without the laugh-track), telling them that this is a recording of Donald Trump from 2004, and at least half of them will certainly believe it. For the record: His fans have to be some of the most deluded people on the planet (VIDEO).

His fans immediately remind me of Sarah Palin's fans back in the old days. I strongly believe that we would have seen the same spectacle if Sarah had run for President in 2012. A large group of die-hard fans, you could say "cultists", would have supported her. It is so easy to forget these days how many people supported the Talibunny from Wasilla back then.

I guess she initially would have also received about 20-25% of the Republican vote in the primaries in 2011/2012. Her highly divisive rhetoric, which was her "trademark" back then, would have also further incited the right-wing crazies all over the country. The consequences could have been terrible.

Thankfully, the USA did not have to witness this awful spectacle back in 2012, as Sarah's many secrets caught up with her, and prevented her from running.

Back in the old days, comedy proved to be poison for Sarah Palin. The famous SNL-skits like this one exposed her so brutally that people still remember these great clips up until today.

Comedy has already been brutal for the "larger-than-life" bully Donald Trump as well. He does not seem to be as bothered by the comedy as Sarah Palin was back then, but the comedy is still hilarious (he seems to be much more bothered by being asked critical questions by women, though).

So let's take first a look at two brilliant older SNL-skits featuring Donald Trump. Unfortunately, they are not available for US-viewers on Youtube, which I find incredibly annoying, as they would certainly receive much more exposure in the USA, if they could be easily found and shared on Youtube. Only non-US viewers can watch them on Youtube (on the official SNL-youtube channel!), but US citizens have to go to the NBC-website, which I think is a really bad solution.

Clip 1 (from 2004) - Donald Trump has suggestions for NBC:

Non-US viewers can watch the clip on Youtube HERE.


Clip 2 (from 2007) - Donald vs. Rosie:

Again, non-US viewers can watch the clip on Youtube HERE.


Now to the more recent comedy. This one is not featuring the Donald himself, but it is still very funny:


The Simpsons meet the Donald:


South Park meets the Donald:


Jimmy Fallon was fantastic in the following one - and I swear that was Obama's voice, LOL!


This one features Donald as well as the rest of the GOP clown car, and it is amazing:


The following is not a video-clip, but the Donald-Trump-insult-generator on "TIME" is simply wonderful!

Try it! You will get results like this one, lots of them, and then you can screenshot them and send them to friends and family - it's fun for everyone:


Finally, in case you would like to get back to reality, watch this clip - and try to find the difference to the comedy:

No, Donald, you definitely won't become US President, but you certainly are the patron saint for the comedians all over the country! You replaced Sarah Palin just in time.



I found another hilarious old SNL-skit, this time from 2011, and this one definitely needs to be included as well - Donald Trump visits "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren:

Again, non-US viewers can watch it on Youtube HERE.



Somehow this still falls under the "comedy" category, because many right-wingers are now coming out against the Donald, with all guns blazing, and it is simply EPIC how they describe Donald Trump. It is also extremely close of how somebody could describe Sarah Palin.

The conservative mainstream "National Review" published an article under the great headline "Trump the Teenage Bully" and wrote (excerpt):

But Trump is like a rampaging high-school student with no adult chaperone around who can take away his Twitter keys. His campaign staff has complained that he refuses to read briefing books and said that he took pride in not preparing for last Thursday’s debate. A Trump business associate told me that his long-time secretary once confessed that she couldn’t possibly bring him a piece of bad news. “I’ve kept my job this long by knowing I must never bring him bad news,” she reportedly said. That’s a clue to extreme narcissism.

So let’s recap. Someone who is so thin-skinned that he can’t move on from a slight. Someone who refuses to accept reality and then act accordingly. Someone who has a form of attention-deficit disorder, in which he constantly craves attention. Someone who is constantly boasting about past glories, like an ROTC officer describing his last weekend-warrior experience. Someone who can’t control his language and constantly belittles and bullies everyone he doesn’t like by flinging insults such as “loser,” “stupid,” “worthless,” “fat,” and “slob.”

Yes, Donald Trump is certainly guilty of making these ugly remarks.

In addition, right-winger Matt Walsh slammed Donald Trump and his supporters at "The Blaze":

The question is whether we should expect more of our fellow citizens. Am I right to be angry at a person for supporting a vulgar, bungling thug based solely on the logic that anyone who opposes him must be a “liberal” and a “cuckservative”? Am I out of line for blaming a man who justifies his love for a crass, self-obsessed bully by insisting that the bully is “politically incorrect,” and that somehow “political incorrectness” ought to be the most important item on a presidential candidate’s resume? If I am out of line, if I’m wrong in my anger, then I suppose these people are either right or shouldn’t be held accountable for their own actions.

But we know they certainly are not within a 10,000 mile radius of being right, and we know they are human beings with free will. They are wrong, they’ve chosen to be wrong, and it’s really not OK to be wrong about this. This is my country too, and I’m sick of watching it get slowly stabbed to death by people who can’t be bothered to use their heads.

Trump fans: You’re better than this. Notice I have not called you stupid. I don’t think you’re stupid. Stupid people can’t help themselves, but you can. I think you’re being intellectually lazy and insincere. I think you’re enamored with personality. I think you like being entertained. I think you’re treating the fate of my country like a toy to be played with by a giant child in a luxurious toupee. I think you’re in deep now, and perhaps you don’t want to admit you were wrong. I think you know, deep down, that Trump is not a good or brave man, and he certainly is not presidential material. I also think you know that Trump could never beat Hillary Clinton, which is why the polls have him losing in a landslide to every Democratic candidate.

I think you know better. I think you’re too smart for this. And that’s why I’m angry with you. You are playing games, and now is not the time.

Get your act together. Admit you were wrong and let’s move on. When this is all said and done, and Trump is sent back to his layer to live out the rest of his days in agonizing obscurity, I will be perfectly fine with pretending all of this never happened. I won’t bring it up again if you don’t.

Will Donald Trump survive this onslaught? This is extremely unlikely. Maybe he should have bought or started some media outlets in the past. He might be a huge loudmouth, but he doesn't control the message. With large parts of the conservative media now firmly against him, his downfall is inevitable. In the long-run, the Donald is not smart enough to survive, and he will end up just being a circus act.


UPDATE August 11, 2015:

Jimmy Fallon made a skit about the "Trump vs. Kelly" controversy, and it is excellent:

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