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Donald Trump wants his fingers on the nuclear trigger, but being questioned by a woman already drives him to the brink of a nervous breakdown: Megyn Kelly "Had Blood Coming Out of Her Eyes, Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever" (CLIP) - UPDATES

By Patrick

Apparently God thinks that the USA has not suffered enough already, because God invented the Donald. Watching him feels like watching scenes from a really bad political comedy, but the Donald is real.

Now the Donald struck again, and it appears that he will never get over the fact that Megyn Kelly asked him some straight questions.

The Donald apparently has a huge problem with women. Well, he does seem to make some exceptions:

In any case, the Donald today managed to insult all women on the planet in one sentence, which is quite an achievement!


OK, then....ugh.

This saga won't have a happy ending. I think the Donald will end up crying, once this is all over.

But we won't feel sad. His loss will be a win for humanity.



In a speech in Los Angeles in 2007, Donald Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a "disgusting pig", a "degenerate", a "slob":



On special request from one our friends, here is the cartoon with the scratching elephant:



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Salon posted an excellent article about why the US society deserves Donald Trump:

While Trump is a great embarrassment to America, and is about as presidential as Archie Bunker, he is also a reflection of the current state of our culture — a culture that embraces mindless materialism and entertainment, while shunning deep thought and intellectualism. It is a culture that has been ransacked by consumerism and corporatization, where our universities have been transformed into careerist trade schools rather than places where young people go to broaden their horizons and learn how to question things, including authority.

Today, the most popular major in college is business, a field that not too long ago required little to no education, and where the wealthiest individuals were successful because of their amoral and cutthroat tendencies, not because of what they learned at the university. The mind-set that the majority of young people are sent off to college equipped with is “How much money will this education allow me to make,” and “Will this major get me a job right out of college.” At the same time, colleges have become completely corporatized. Tuitions have skyrocketed over the past decade (enslaving low-income students with debt), and at the “elite” schools, this is reflected by the proportion of rich to poor students: 74 percent come from the top quarter of the socioeconomic scale, while only 3 percent come from the bottom quarter. Meanwhile, “administrators” have become as well paid as corporate executives, while tenure for professors is in decline.

No longer are students taught to question systems or authority, but to become worker bees for the corporate state economy. (Who knows, maybe some will be lucky enough to work for Trump!) Moral values and autonomous thinking are no longer expected to be promoted in higher education. This, of course, goes way beyond modern universities, which are just features of the corporate state.


The rapid rise of Trump in American politics is a sign of our decaying public consciousness, where being filthy rich gives people the ability to do what they want, when they want, even when they very clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. Trump has become a political sensation because he reflects what success has become in modern America — namely, completely monetized — and even though the statistics reveal that growing up in the middle and lower classes severely restricts one’s chances of becoming wealthy, the idea that you can go to college, and take on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and then become successful like Donald, remains alive and well.

When voters are asked to explain why they like Donald Trump, the term "low-information voter" appears to be a huge understatement. These people apparently don't really know anything. This is exactly why in the 1920s and 1930s the fascists came to power in Europe, because they were supported by very nationalistic and often very naive citizens.

I don't want to paint things too dark here, but my impression is that a significant part of the US population is ready for an authoritarian ruler, and would also be very happy to support such a person.

The people in the following clip desperately search for their savior, who then applies the "easy solutions" to all the real or imagined problems, and they project everything they like into Trump.




Media sources like "TIME"-reporter Zeke Miller published a statement that Donald Trump released regarding the "Megyn Kelly blood" scandal, and it is simply unbelievable. At first I thought that this is satire, LOL!

The Donald is going to flame out pretty soon, that's for sure!




Donald Trump meets South Park - a match made in heaven:

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