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In bizarre interviews, Sarah Palin talks to Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush and praises both of them, while appearing like a parody of herself

By Patrick

Kathleen and I needed to take a little "time-out" from this madhouse that is American politics in 2015, but the people who are mad are not going away, unfortunately. OK, when I talk about politics, I mean "Republican" politics, but this really goes without saying. The Democrats seem to be the only ones who are not completely losing their mind, and hopefully this won't change.

Well, I know that we are "privileged" over here in Europe, as we do not have to see the faces of all these mad and stupid people on TV all the time. I can barely imagine what all of you are going through right now, with insanity being broadcast on a daily basis.

So let's see what the crazy people are doing these days.

It's interesting, because now people who at first appeared less crazy are now jumping on the crazy train as well. Take Jeb Bush, for example. He is apparently a "moderate", but that was yesterday, because now he is sucking up to the teabaggers, big time!

Jeb Bush has no hesitation to "go on air" with Sarah Palin at her new home, the new conservative libertarian cable news channel "One America News Network", and there he enthusiastically professes his love for Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the bible. Sarah "Talibunny" Palin then returns the favor and praises Jeb Bush, as if she had never done anything else. If haven't checked, but I am pretty sure that the heads of the Palinbots were exploding. "RINO" Sarah strikes again.


Sarah makes the impression of a deranged crazy-person during her new appearances on "OAN" and clearly is not helping the cause. If anyone can bring down the right-wing, it is Sarah Palin. At this point in time, she really should be funded by Democrats, as there is nothing more helpful for Democrats than good old Sarah. She simply is the personification of a crazed, uneducated and ignorant teabagger, and she is universally disliked.

Who started this "One America News Network" anyway? It turns out that some rich "libertarians" had too much money and were under the impression that all TV-networks are "left", apart from Fox News. The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2013:

Fox News may soon have some company on the cable news dial.

The San Diego family behind niche cable channel WealthTV is partnering with the Washington Times to launch a 24-hour conservative-leaning cable news network. To be called One America News network, the channel will be a combination of straight news reporting and conservative political talk shows, according to Charles Herring, president of One America News.

It plans to launch on July 1, with expected distribution between 10 million and 15 million homes, Mr. Herring said, well short of full distribution of more than 90 million homes.

Mr. Herring said that his family's company, Herring Broadcasting, is investing "hundreds of millions" of dollars into the new channel, which he says will provide a much-needed alternative in the current news landscape.

"If you take a typical channel on any of the leading video providers, and you try to determine which ones are providing credible news, you get about eight or nine news channels that skew to the left—for example, MSNBC skews left, and some argue that CNN skews left," Mr. Herring said. "There is only one that skews right on political talk shows, and that's Fox. We are going to open up another front and give independents, libertarians and all kind of different voices under the conservative umbrella an opportunity to express themselves."

Therefore all the people who might think that Fox News is too liberal now have a home where the crazy runs free.

Just before this memorable conversation with Jeb Bush, Zombie-Sarah interviewed Ted Cruz, who promised to turn the USA into a fundamentalist Christian nation, where you are free to hate anyone, as long as your God demands it. Unfortunately, Ted Cruz does not go into more detail, as it would be quite interesting to know whether the "Cruz-style religious freedom" will also be apply for Muslims and other religions. Also, Planned Parenthood is the root of all evil. Another very memorable interview.


Crazy Sarah also interviewed "The Donald", and according to Donald Trump, the USA is a shitty hellhole full of collapsing bridges and raping immigrants, but don't worry, he will make America great again - with spending hundreds of billions of dollars for new wars and a wall to Mexico.

"Yahoo Politics" published a good summary about this interview.


I find this truly fascinating. Jeb, Ted and Donald all suck up to Sarah, one of the most despised "politicians" in America, and world-famous idiot. Well, now she is apparently not a politician any more, but found a new medium to prove her ignorance. I mean, you simply cannot make it up!

All while her super-Christian daughter Bristol is expecting her "second" child out of wedlock, and with an unknown father. As I said in the comments several times in the past, we can say with great confidence that Dakota Meyer is not the father of the baby. However, the Palins now have many years of experience in covering up private secrets and scandals, therefore they surely will figure something out, although this might be a tough one even for their standards!

By the way, this will be the "First Lady" of the new "great" America with bible-lover Donald Trump as King Donald I:

These are not even the fully nude photos! These can be found by googling as well.

In a hilarious example of right-wing infighting, Glenn Beck accused Melania Trump of being a "lesbian porn star", which officially has to be called an "unconfirmed rumor", I guess...but if you want to get it confirmed, well, you just will have to find the clip on the internet, LOL!

Some right-wing websites were really angry, haha:

But don't worry, it all will be GREAT with Donald King of America.

I think Sarah Palin should keep on talking. Nobody else does a bigger disservice to Republicans than the woman from Wasilla who simply does not know when to stop.

Especially the interview with Jeb Bush is a keeper.

By the way, if you have any right-wing relatives or friends and would like to present them with some hard facts in order to counter their ignorance, look at this new article at Mother Jones:

Kevin Drum helpfully explains a few things. It is doubtful however that Sarah will listen, as "reality" and "truth" was never her strong suit:

Huh. I almost forgot about the Palin-Trump lollapalooza. But it's all on YouTube, and it was pretty boring. Palin's word salad was subpar and it was just the same-old-same-old from Trump. My favorite part was this bit from Palin:

So you get hit with these gotchas, like most conservatives do. For instance, asking what's your favorite Bible verse. And I listen to that going, what? Do they ask Hillary that?

Indeed they do! On August 27, 2007, in a nationally televised debate, Tim Russert asked every Democrat on the stage to share their favorite Bible verse: (...)

In conclusion, I cannot wait for the GOP-primaries to finally begin, but unfortunately, they only start on February 1, 2016. Therefore, it will be a long wait.

Also, there is more time for Sarah to mess things up. The "Palin-curse" is still alive and kicking.

In the meantime, the GOP can think about more strategies in order to appease the crazies. They might just start to embrace them, if nothing else works. When Glenn Beck is the voice of reason, you know the GOP is trouble.



Already an update, because I just saw that Jimmy Kimmel presented the ultimate Trump TV-advert:

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