Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another huge tragedy in America, and again, it is very likely that nothing will change

By Patrick

Three headlines from today:

Well, what else could I add?

The USA has a huge problem and is absolutely not able to deal with it, for various reasons.

It is very unlikely that this situation will change any time soon.

It is very depressing to hear about these horrific shootings in the USA over and over again, and it is equally depressing to see that US politicians cannot and won't change anything about this situation.

In fact, a large number of US politicians even hold the deeply flawed view that the answer to gun violence is to bring even more guns into circulation, to arm even more people.

A united national effort would be needed to solve this problem, but this will only happen after many more shootings, many more deaths, many more years. This is because the USA is in fact in a deep political crisis in my opinion, although some people might dispute this. US politics have become dysfunctional, which is a great tragedy.

I have no solutions to offer, the citizens of the USA have to solve the problems themselves. There are lots of countries where gun control is working extremely well, it would be pretty easy to learn from them. However, the myth that "gun control is not working" has entered the mainstream in the USA long ago, and this myth seems virtually impossible to eradicate.

I have little hope that we will see effective measures. A "political earthquake" would be needed for such a thing to happen.



After the latest horrific mass shooting in San Bernadino, which left 14 dead and 21 injured, the "New York Daily News" received nationwide attention for their devastating "God isn't fixing this" headline. This paper has a long history of publishing very hard-hitting headlines in support of effective gun control, and I am pretty sure that at some point in the far future, these headlines will be seen as an "iconic" examples of the carnage as well as the political crisis which US citizens have to witness today.

Here are more examples:

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