Saturday, December 19, 2015

Open Post - And now for something beautiful!

By Patrick

We do need an open post, and we do need it fast. We also need a break from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and all the other ugly faces of the wingnuts. We do need something beautiful, right now! What could it be?

What about a nice selection of photos I took in Venice in 2012, when Kathleen and I visited Venice, met up with Leadfoot and her daughter Bella and had a fantastic, unforgettable holiday!

Back then, I already posted some photos, but why not again? There is hardly a city on earth more beautiful than Venice. Let's not forget the pleasant things in life. I hope you like the idea.



As we are having a cultured open post: An example of America's best and brightest, violinist Hilary Hahn, playing Brahms in Frankfurt.

This is where the concert took place - the "Old Opera" in the center of Frankfurt:

The inscription on the front of the building reads: "To the True Beautiful Good."

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