Thursday, December 24, 2015


By Patrick

Yes, it's Christmas again, our favourite time of the year! Time for a break, for reflection, for meeting our relatives. Also, time for presents and great meals! We just love it!

As usual, it was an eventful year, but it was only the "prelude" to 2016, and what a crazy year this is going to be, oh boy, I don't really want to think too much about it right now. But whatever will happen, we all will experience it together here in our very special community at Politicalgates, and Kathleen and I are extremely happy that we have created this place, where we made so many friends. It is an island of sanity indeed, especially when sanity seems to be in short supply. But let's focus right now on the pleasures of Christmas, and Kathleen and I hope that you will all have a wonderful time!

In our Christmas post this year, I would like to present some videos again, and I would like to start with the traditional "Supermarket Christmas Adverts", which in the UK have been developed into some new form of art during the recent years. There is now a "battle" going on each year in the UK between the supermarket chains "Sainbury's" and "John Lewis" in particular for the best Christmas advert, and why not, if the results are really heart-warming and moving! You might remember "Monty the Penguin" and the "1914 Christmas Truce" from last year, and this year again, the Christmas adverts are very special. But be aware, they are going for the teary eyes, so have some tissues ready! :-)

Here is the lovely contribution from Sainsbury's this year - "Mog the Cat":

Please note that the narrator of this Christmas advert is Judith Kerr. She wrote the "Mog" picture book series, and also for example the book "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit". She is now 92 years old, and she is the daughter of famous German theatre critic Alfred Kerr. The family left Germany in 1933. Watch the making-off, where she is featured.

John Lewis also has a very sweet Christmas advert for 2015 - "The Man On the Moon":

Also, there is a very nice "bonus" Christmas video from Sainsbury's I found. See what you can do with Christmas jumpers, or Christmas "pullovers", as I believe you would say in the former British colonies.:-)


So what else do we need for Christmas? Yes, music!!! What you absolutely need to listen to in order to get in the Christmas spirit are Christmas Carols performed by the King's College Choir Cambridge - incredibly beautiful:

Well, some Christmas comedy would also not be a bad idea! Jim Gaffigan is great:

Well, we do hope that you will all have a great, relaxing very enjoyable time over Christmas!

Christmas is the ultimate celebration of love, we should never forget this.



Our dear reader "Freebird4" posted this wonderful clip, which fits the Christmas spirit perfectly with its positive and optimistic message:

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