Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dusty's Corner -- Dusty reads Gabby Gifford's and Mark Kelly's Story of Courage and Hope

with Illustrations & Pics by: KatieAnnieOakly

I finished reading the book Gabby A Story of Courage and Hope written by Rep. Gabrielle Gifford and Mark Kelly with Jeffery Zaslow last night. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading a true story of a couple who love, respect and truly support each other.

This is what Love, Hope and Courage really looks like.

The voice is Mark’s throughout the book as he tells both his and Gabby’s story until you get to the last chapter which is all Gabby. If you enjoyed Joe McGinniss’s writing style you will enjoy reading this book.Mark has a wonderful sense of humor as he pokes fun at himself, his brother and Gabby. You will also finally know the answer to the question: What does an astronaut wear under that spacesuit? Don’t worry; you will learn this in a funny story told by Mark as a wonderful example of how to ease an embarrassing event of which one had no other option. Make sure to have a box of tissues handy as you will laugh and you will cry but at the end you will feel better knowing the real story of Gabby and Mark Kelly.

Moving on from reality to the nightmarish fantasy world that is the republican party and the media we now have the latest versions of Sarah Palin lighting up the airwaves. Only it is version 3.0 Herman Cain and version 4.0 Rick Perry. What is weird, but then again we are talking about Palin and the republican party, is usually when you upgrade a program it gets better with new features and functions, but with these Palin versions they just keep getting worse and worse. If this was truly a piece of software and after the 3rd upgrade it didn’t perform better most people would be uninstalling that program and moving on to something different.

Wow Mr. "I'm not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I'd throw that out." Herman “While making a mockery of this nation’s election process” Cain is proving that he does not have better comprehension skills than that of Sarah “In what respect, Charlie?” Palin.

Recently in the news it has been said that it is hard to read Herman Cain’s body language as he is a skilled public speaker. Well guys I think I have found one way to tell when Herman Cain is either lying or just making stuff up. Watch the Libya video, it is okay to watch with the sound off, and just watch his eyes. Did you see it too? Yep ole Herman’s eyes were blinking so fast it is a wonder he could even see anything other than the back of his eyelids. Remind you of anyone else whose eyes start to do the fast blinking and twitching when he is lying and making stuff up? Anyone? Think back to 2008. YES you got it John McCain! Poor Herman,his crew set up the interview and he only had 4 hours of sleep and golly gee whiz the reporter actually had the audacity to ask a real question that required a real answer instead of talking point. Yes Herman you are an idiot.You are an idiot v3.0. To answer your question most American do want a President who does know something about foreign policy and can speak in full, clear and concise sentences that expresses a complete (not a talking point) idea and that includes a subject and a verb. Just to be clear Herman, answering any questions claiming you’ll do the complete opposite of what President Obama did does not make you more likable it just makes you look just like a Palin-undereducated and willfully ignorant.

Houston, We have a problem!

Next up is Palin v.4.0 Rick “My wife is making me do this so she can be the First Lady” Perry. Yes Rick, amazing how President Obama makes public speaking look so easy that you and Palin thought you both could do it so much better. It is so easy to bash the use of a teleprompter or notes when you are not the one speaking isn’t it Rick? Whereas Sarah wrote her personal beliefs (cause gosh dang darn it those personal beliefs are so hard to remember) on her hand and reads the same prepared speech word for word over and over again, you took the more ‘manly’ (for lack of a better word) approach and thought you could just wing it didn’t you? I mean seriously Rick what American would actually want their leader to know what direction he\she would like to lead the country and then be able to articulate that vision. That is downright un-American now isn’t it Rick? I am pretty sure Texans are now suffering from the same illness as the Alaskans- Worst Governor Ever disease. Rick just because Todd Palin wanted to be the First Lady does not mean you have to try and do better. Let it go Rick just let it go sometimes it is better to just walk away. Enjoy living in that taxpayer rented mansion because your days as Governor are numbered and Texans are going to wake up and vote your undereducated and willfully ignorant Palin v4.0 butt out of that mansion.

Finally the media and its continuing wild fantasy love affair with Sarah Palin. The Today Show was covering the Penn State Sex Scandal and of course the show just had to include Sarah Palin and her ignorant opinion. Amazing how our media thinks that her opinion matters on any subject but to include her hate based inflammatory rhetoric is just wrong.Palin had this to say about Sandusky "Hang him from the highest tree. I’ll bring the rope.” Yep Sarah, let’s just go out and hang everyone and anyone from the highest tree and you can bring the rope without ever allowing that person to have their day in court. Regardless of your own personal thoughts and feelings are about this sex scandal this is still the United States of America and we have laws to protect the rights of everyone even those who break the laws and commit heinous acts against others.

Sarah, You are NO Gabby Gifford. Gabby will get stronger and she will be back! You Sarah are an Idiot!

This is the same hate based inflammatory rhetoric that worried Gabby Gifford when her district was targeted by Palin and her crew with gun sights in 2010. This hate based inflammatory rhetoric has to stop and it has to stop now. Mark Kelly had it exactly right when he talked about how Palin never called him or Gabby and he wondered what he would say to her if she did call. He said he would listen to her and then he would tell her she was not responsible for the shooting but that she was irresponsible. I would add to his thought that the media is, especially NBC, also irresponsible when they continue to promote Palin and her hate based inflammatory rhetoric.



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