Saturday, November 5, 2011

Operation Fox Hunt To Be Launched By Anonymous Against Fox News -- Ann Coulter Sets Out To Demonize The Occupy Movement

By Kathleen

Remember, remember the 5th of November -- Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

According to the group known as
Anonymous today's 5th of November will be one to remember as it intends to launch what it claims will be a prolonged attack against Fox News. Anonymous say that they are targeting The U.S. news channel, which is a part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, because of its "continued propaganda" against the Occupy movement which has sprung up in many cities across the world in protest against the power of banks and social injustice. In particular Sean Hannity is named as one of the newscasters at Fox News who Anonymous believes has smeared the Occupy movement by "attacking the credentials and character" of the protesters.

Anonymous in the above video state that Fox News has portrayed the protesters, who claim to speak for 99 per cent of the population, as "dirty", "disgusting" or "indecent". Anonymous reveal that they are no longer prepared to be tolerant towards the news channel's inaccurate reporting and have promised a propaganda campaign of their own against Fox station's website which they have named Operation fox Hunt.

Photo courtesy Frankfurt Occupy

Why begin the campaign today?

Photo courtesy Hamburg, Germany Anonymous

In 1605 in England, Guy Fawkes, a converted Catholic, protesting against the persecution of Catholics by the then Government plotted to blow up parliament and King James 1. On the morning of 5 November the plot was discovered and a year later the plotters were executed. Some 400 years later Guy Fawkes is regarded as a role model in the fight against authority and many modern protesters, perhaps fearful of discovery, have adopted the symbol of a Guy Fawkes type mask worn by the anti totalitarian hero created by the author Alan Moore in his comic book series V for Vendetta.

Will the Anonymous campaign against Fox News be successful? Are Anonymous threatening the First Amendment rights of those who have a different view from themselves? Or are Anonymous correct when they claim that Fox News reporting of the Occupy protesters does not merely reflect an opposing political ideological perspective but sets out to tarnish the reputation of the protesters? The Fox besmirching of the Occupy protesters went further than accusations of "dirty", "disgusting" and "indecent" when mud slinger Ann Coulter claimed that protesters are "embracing their demonic aspects" and that they are a mob "without cause".

It is quite simple. Unable to argue against the fact that 1 per cent of the population have way too much power and wealth Fox News has nothing left but to resort to ad hominem attacks and mischaracterisation. And we all know that such tactics are the last resort of desperate people trying their best to maintain their control of the narrative.

Inspiring message from Anonymous to the Occupy protesters. Hat tip to mmboucher.

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