Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Roundup, October 30-November 6, 2011

By BlueberryT

Many thanks to sunnyjane for last week’s excellent roundup!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rick Perry is a Joke

This post is both hilarious post and sobering (pun intended) -- this guy is running for the Republican nomination for President, for Chrissake!! Patrick scooped Rick Perry’s drunken performance in NH, showing what a buffoon and imbecile Perry is. The guy was higher than a kite. SNL could run this exact tape, without any embellishments – no need to spoof it, because Perry was an absolute joke. Jon Stewart had some fun at Perry’s expense (at end of piece having fun at Herman Cain’s expense). Rachel Maddow took the speech apart and said it will destroy any chance he had to become the presidential nominee. Even the MSM said that that Perry was: a cartoon version of himself; a clown; really loopy; like an SNL spoof of George W. Bush; and suggested that he was using drugs/alchohol. H/T to Patrick for the connection with The Daily Show to provide the Perry tape.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AnneS Channels the Republican Debate

We all enjoy AnneS’ knack for capturing the most revealing and often the most comical screenshots of a once-promising Alaskan former half-term governor – and matching them with pitch-perfect “commentary” channeling the aforementioned has-been politician. In this guest post, Anne uses these same talents to “transcribe” and illustrate a GOP debate. She channels each of the candidates brilliantly. Empty catch phrases abound. As several readers pointed out this week, SNL doesn’t need to write any new material this week – between Rick Perry’s antics and Anne’s rendition of the debate, it’s already all here on Politicalgates.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dusty’s Corner

(Insert head of gop candidate of your choice)

Dusty again covers the cream of the gop-crop. Michele Bachmann wins first mention again, as even hard-core Republicans say that it is time for her to exit stage right. Dusty ridicules Perry’s drunken performance, which doesn’t measure up to his “tough cowboy” image. She spares herself (and us) dealing with the craziness emanating from the Cain and Romney campaigns, and instead looks at Steve Jobs (not such a saint after all), Kim Karda$hian (the tweet is priceless) and others. Don’t miss her Politicalgates foodie blog!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tornadoes and the Koch Brothers

What do tornadoes have to do with the Koch Brothers and Republican politics? Nomad takes a look at the increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather events, including the tornadoes that flattened communities in Mississippi, Missouri and elsewhere this past spring. Although causation of any weather event is difficult to pinpoint, these increasingly common extreme storms conform with climate model predictions. The Koch Brothers enter into the picture through their aggressive lobbying against constraints on their petro-chemical businesses (a source of heat-trapping gases), which provide the money that funds Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party and right-wing politicians like Haley Barbour. Barbour himself rails against government handouts on the one hand while the other hand is out waiting for government disaster relief money, a large amount of which just so happens to go to a business headed by one of his relatives.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Anonymous Goes After Fox News

It comes as no surprise that Fox News takes almost every opportunity to smear the Ocupados and the Occupy movement. Their coverage has little to do with issues or politics; as Kathleen points out, “The Fox besmirching of the Occupy protesters went further than accusations of ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘indecent’ when mud slinger Ann Coulter claimed that protesters are ‘embracing their demonic aspects’ and that they are a mob ‘without cause’.” The photos of demonstrations in Germany are inspiring as is the video message by Anonymous.

Some Comments and Links (I got behind, so there are just a few this week):

Inmylife: "A hooker, a grifter and a con artist walk into a bar, and the bartender says, what will you have, Sarah?" [In comments: H/T Hit_the_Road!]

Dusty17 pointed out this excellent video about Mitt Romney’s America.

Cheeriogirl: Best discovery ever! Herman Cain's settlement to one of the women was dated 9/99!

Patrick posted this link to Jon Stewart at his best:

The Last Word (with H/T to sunnyjane):

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