Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dusty's Corner - Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Kim Kardishan and Kris Divorce, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

You ever get that feeling that something just isn’t right but you just can’t figure out what it is or why you feel that way? Can anyone ever remember a time in history when the entire field of candidates for either party provided such solid gold comedy, while appearing to be the meanest, the most ill-informed, totally immature and by gosh the most shallowest? Yeah me neither. So let’s try to enjoy the stupidity while hoping not to gag while it lasts shall we?

First up once again isMichele Bachmann. Yes I know you are all saying Michele is #1 again Dusty? Yes she is. Seriously this woman is the best of the worst in the group. Pure comedy gold and oh so snark’olicious.
  • Ned Ryun of the American Majority (See perfect example of gop opposite words. Majority = Minority) says it is time for Michele to go. She is no longer the spokesperson for the Tea Party. I’ll wait while you clean off the monitor and pick yourself up off the floor. Hope you didn’t hurt anything. Yep you can read it here (HuffPo Link)
  • And Bradlee Dean an anti-gay hair-metalevangelist (hair-metal evangelist is an Axel Rose neverbe who sings ‘christian’ (yep no big C for them either) music) has lost that loving feeling for Michele too. All together now… Awwwww. I am still trying to figure how an 'evangelist' has no problem with her absolute lies and uncanny ability to just make shit up but is concerned that she has no depth. Her people make my head hurt. We been saying for 3 long years that this woman has nothing she is a one trick pony who hadn’t quite mastered that one trick. You can read more here at MotherJones
  • Lastly for the yet another woman who will never bePresident, Saturday in Iowa she was quoted as saying I would ‘not do anything’ for children of illegal immigrants Yes you read that right. She will NOT do anything to help innocent American Citizens. Someone might want to tell her that the job of President includes ALL American Citizens even those whom she holds in utter contempt. Jeez you’d think a woman to plays the “I am mother of 5 children and I helped raise 28 (just guessing) more”card all the freaking time would actually have developed feelings of empathy, not to mention she is so Pro-Life [sic] and a ‘christian’.

For once I agree with the TeaParty …It is time for Michel Bachmann to go. She needs to be voted out of office and never ever elected to any public office again. She is a complete disgrace as a female, a mother, a Christian, a politician and lastly as a human being.

Next Up in the OMG Rick Perry did What Department? Patrick did a great post on Rick Perry's speech in New Hampshire. Rick, Dude Seriously Come on Man you are from Texas! You remember right Don’t Mess with Texas, Everything is Bigger in Texas, Tough as Nails, Drinks Gasoline for Breakfast (ok I made that one up)... any of this ringin a bell Rick? You claim to be a freakin' cowboy-gunslinger, cowboy boots and hat wearin' real life cowboy. Okay Rick I will type this really slow so you can read along. Look at the picture below, look at it Rick….This is NOT how a real cowboy reacts! Not Presidential at all!

For Pete’s sake you are running (well playing at running) for President of the United States. (Mumbling under breath… not that you have a ghost of a chance) Now stop it, you are giving cowboys straight and gay a bad name. Straight cowboys are saying “Oh Hell No! He ain’t one of us” and the Gay Cowboys (think RuPaul) are saying “Oh No He Didn’t! He sure as hell ain’t one of us!!!” Whatever you are drinking, smoking, popping or toking you need to stop doing it when you have an appearance in public. Or if this is the real you (which I suspect it is), Dude you need to double up on whatever it is or was you've been taking before all your previous appearances. Or better yet, just go back to Texas and leave running the country to a guy who knows who he is and is running the country just fine. Rick the job of President is actually more than a 40 hr work week, not that you really know anything about working 40 hrs a week. Great read here at Malia's blog.

Hey guys how about a break from politics today okay? I am about burnt out on all the stupid (think Herb & Romney) coming from the gop presidential nominees and would like to close with something else if you’ll indulge me.

I’ve been reading the book Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson. If you have a chance to read it, take it. In my opinion this book is not an easy book to read as it jumps back and forth through history so it is hard to keep track of how events actually impacted each other as they occurred. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man who was not a very nice man on a human level. He cheated his best friend on their first project; he had no trouble lying if it suited his purpose at the time of the lie. He refused to register for license plates for his car, wasn’t that fond of bathing and was obsessive about his diet. But it is still fascinating to read how he made the decisions he made and why he made those decisions. He did have a few regrets later in life. He would have never made it as a politician but he did have a great impact on American lifestyle. Anyone who is reading it or has read it please feel free to share your impressions in the comments.

We've all heard that Kim has filed for divorce after 72 whole days of marriage to Kris. A marriage in which she made $18 million in photo and TV rights. Shocking isn't it how a couple can know each other for 6 whole months, get engaged with a $2 million dollar engagement ring and have a $10 million dollar wedding of which neither Kim or Kris paid a single dime but less than 72 days later are over. Jeez, took me completely by surprise. I mean really, my whole world just came to a screeching halt. Didn't yours? Surely someone by now has let Kim and Kris know that this latest action just solidifies the "The Kardashians are the Indoor Palins" tag right? My favorite tweet for this whole new money making scheme of Kim's is this one.

The PoliticalGates Foodies Blog is up and running. Thank you to all who have submitted recipes! I’ve added disqus for commenting and tweaked the format a little bit. I am still working on adding categories and lists. Just click on my name in the upper right corner to send an email with your recipes.

Welcome Anne S as a new contributor to PoliticalGates. I love your humor and great screen shots!

Okay I was going to take the high road today and not mention you know who but come join me for a quick stroll down on the low road it's not raining so we're safe for now. Someone needs to tell these Hollywood Starlets that they really need to do some research on how to hide a pregnancy better and they need to work those abs much harder. Jessica Simpson, age 31 (13 years younger and 3 less pregnancies than Palin) is pregnant for the very first time and is sporting a baby bump. Amazing how some woman (not publicity hound Palin) appear to be happy and have that pregnancy glow isn't it.

Have a good week everyone!

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