Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sarah Palin CPAC 2012 Speech - Live Video - PLUS: Breitbart Accuses OWS of behaving like "freaks and animals, murderers and rapists"

By Kathleen

After several years of turned down invitations Sarah Palin will close as the final keynote speaker at the CPAC 2012 convention. The event started on Thursday 9th February with the usual ho hum speeches and saber rattling in any direction. Predictably boring fare. Until last night that is. Andrew Breitbart, well known for his somewhat unconventional attacks, went several steps further than usual when he attacked the Occupy protesters who were merely exercising their First Amendment rights outside the hotel where many convention attendees were staying. Breitbart admonished the protesters to "behave themselves"  and then went on to accuse them of being "freaks and animals, murderers and rapists". Such was Breitbart's fury that he had to be pulled away by security staff. If you haven't seen the video then be sure to watch it.


I'm definitely sure that Sarah Palin, who is due to speak at 4.30pm Eastern time, will not be as entertaining as Andy Breitbart but we here at Politicalgates have decided that we will run the live video so you can join us in a real time discussion on the blog. I'm hoping for references to the new flavour of the right, Ricky Santorum.



 Sarah Palin's big screech at CPAC is over, and has been posted on youtube:


Good observations by "Wonkette" about Sarah's "marvelously bad speech":
From 4:42 p.m. until about 5:19 p.m., if you can imagine surviving that long, Palin speechified in the Marriott Ballroom at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Wonderland Amusement Park [& Conference Centre -- Ed.] about all sorts of truth-defying, lie-inducing, reality-denying, delusion-inspiring wonders of unreality. Thus the only way to accurately, objectively–yes, objectively–report on this delusion is call it Deconstructing Sarah Palin. Palin, as if running for something other than Reality Show President of the World and Conservative Conference Speaker of the Year, tore into everything Obamaesque and tore it up with easy catchphrases about everything near and dear to her dwindling, equally delusional fan base–the extreme far-righters whose credo incredibly remains, in 2012, a political world continually centered around scarifying old reliables such as abortion, guns, religion, the military and big government. It is most interesting to note that 99 percent of what Palin said is completely, wholly, utterly untrue and a lie.

 Palin said that the Obama administration created “a sinking ship” of financial problems, has created “trillions in debt” due to incompetence, and has “no plan to stop it…no plan.” Wrong. Of course, the Obama administration has not created any sinking ship of financial problems–his administration inherited it from the administration of George W. Bush, which increased the size of the federal government in all sorts of fun, crazy ways. And of course the Obama administration has several plans to decrease the federal deficit, decrease the size of the federal government, and work towards an actual budget surplus, not a deficit. The Obama administration has a deficit-reduction commission, and has commissioned another panel, or two, to literally decrease the size of the federal government.

 Palin said Obama “barely mentioned” unemployment in his recent State of the Union address. Wrong. In fact, the core and central point of the address was jobs, employment, manufacturing and getting people back to work. Of course the administration is focused on, and working on, employment and decreasing unemployment.

Then, of course, another "iconic" photo of Palin, thanks to CPAC. It just was inevitable. Many thanks to Madam Deal for finding it!

Also, with Sarah Palin as a "friend", the Republican candidates don't need enemies any more. Palin gave an interview to CNN and said:
She said Romney and his two main rivals – Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – should be given time to explain the flaws in their record until the Republican National Convention in August, when she said the nomination fight could ultimately be decided.
Go, Sarah, go! ;-)


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