Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Sarah Palin Does Not want You To Watch or Know -- Game Change

By Kathleen and Patrick

In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday Sarah Palin announced that she would not be watching the HBO film Game Change because it is "based on a false narrative" and that she was "never in a funk" that the film portrays her being in. What Palin neglects to say is that she was approached by the director executive producer for the film, Jay Roach, who invited her to talk with them and that through her attorney she declined to participate. That inconvenient fact in itself leaves little room for complaint in my opinion.

In the interview with Wallace, Palin also takes credit for "employing more people imitating Sarah Palin than the President has put Americans to work." Talk about delusional. This isn't snark it is another Palin distortion of facts which in her mind sets her in a good light. Palin as governor was good at providing for her crony friends that is. 

However, the main issue for Palin is that she does not want anyone to view the film and she therefore "encourages others to find something more productive to do." There is a reason that Palin does not want "others" to watch the film -- she wants to keep the lid on the fact that she is extremely unstable and has no place in politics. We have all read the books about Palin's unpredictable "funks" written by Geoffrey Dunn, Joe McGinniss, Frank Bailey, Mark Halperin and John Heilmann all of which describe episodes of her behaviour in different situations. None of them describe a person who can perform under pressure. Just the opposite in fact. That Palin is depicted as someone prone to tantrums and who believes that she can operate under a different set of standards from the norm. Just don't ask her to explain herself....

In the following video Chris Wallace mentions the look on her face when he brings up the film and predictably Palin responds with a "must we" when invited to view the trailer by him. As I stated in an earlier post Palin does not convince me when she states that she "will not watch the film" at least several times.


The discussion about the upcoming movie "Game Change" is also a good opportunity to take a look at what some of the participants of the 2008 Republican campaign had to say about Sarah Palin. In a very interesting clip from 2010, former Senior McCain-aide Nicolle Wallace didn't hold back - and it sounded like a warning to Sarah Palin. Nicolle Wallace says that people would start to talk about Sarah Palin's "more troubling deficiencies" if she was to become the Republican nominee, "her incredible cynicism, her bitterness, her aggressive attempts to claw anyone that points out an area for her to work on." According to Wallace, "a whole lot of people would stand up and say a whole lot of things."


Then there is of course Steve Schmidt's famous interview on 60 minutes:

Last but not least, there is the wonderful clip from Keith Olbermann's Countdown, broadcast in 2009 - the prospect of a Palin-presidency would be a "catastrophic apocalypse", according to an insider:

It's just a big shame that the American media has never bothered to tell the American people what these "more troubling deficiencies" actually are, and why exactly a Palin-presidency would be a "catastrophic apocalypse." Instead of telling the truth, the media is still eager to use Sarah Palin to boost ratings and sales. Just recently, the reviled "lamestream" media outlets Newsweek, CNN and New York Times were keen to profit from Sarah Palin, when they really should have done their job long ago and explained to the American public bluntly who we are dealing with: A woman with a severe mental disorder whose calling in life is revenge and the destruction of her enemies - and who lies about virtually anything. Then, they should have just left her alone.

The conservative Alaskan journalist Dan Fagan, who supported Palin's 2006 run for Governor in Alaska, brilliantly summed it up in article which he published on his (former) website "The Alaska Standard" on November 18, 2009:
I will not buy Sarah Palin’s new book because I believe the governor who quit to be a fundamentally dishonest person. Why support the work of someone you can’t trust? I have read some excerpts from the book and it is clearly a work of vengeance, revenge, and pure meanness. Palin comes across as the rotten on the inside, faultfinding, petty teenage girl we all hated in high school. If you’ve seen the movie “Heathers” or “Mean Girls” you know what I am talking about.
Palin, when writing Rogue, set herself on a course of smallness, triviality, quibbling, sophistry nothingness, and worthlessness. From the excerpts I’ve read, it is hard to draw any other conclusion than Sarah Palin is small in stature, character, and integrity. 
Yes I do believe Sarah Palin has a dark soul. A soul obsessed with her image. A soul focused on hurting others. Sarah Palin’s book reveals her as someone unwilling, unable, incapable of living a life of forgiveness. She is a grudge carrier. Settling scores drive her and she is hell bent on revenge, payback, getting even. 
Revenge has become the work and calling of her life. Maybe it always has been. It’s clearly what drives her now. Her cutthroat attacks on others will be her downfall. Her inability to control her desire to hurt those who hurt her will end up in the end discrediting her as a leader, as a person. It’s never too late to change. But time is running out on Palin’s political career. Her poll ratings drop every time she opens her spiteful mouth. Her book will not help.

Unfortunately, Dan Fagan deleted this brutally honest article one day later. For a very short moment only, the public got an honest, uncompromising glimpse on the real Sarah Palin, from somebody who knew her and her dealings in Alaska very well. But the truth about Sarah Palin seems to be too explosive, too outrageous, too inconvenient for the media. Sarah Palin is still an object of desire for them, they still like to pal around with her, in a pact with the devil. Good luck to them - the infamous "Palin curse" gets virtually everybody in the end. Damaged careers and destroyed reputations have been the inevitable result for most people who chose to ally themselves with Sarah Palin. "It came from Wasilla", Todd S. Purdum observed in Vanity Fair in August 2009, and several years later, the creature is still out of the bottle.

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