Saturday, February 4, 2012

Open Post - Politicalgates Anniversary Competition Winner and a Pictorial Ode of Leadfoot's Desire for Levi Johnston

By Kathleen

The winner of our competition is Maelewis who has, I am sure you will all agree, perfectly described the spirit of Politicalgates. 

Thank you Mae. Please contact me via email regarding your prize. 

Maelewis's comment:
When Politcalgates announced its first anniversary, we were encouraged to write something about what Politicalgates means to us-- serious, funny, or anything in between. The exchange of information about the Susan Komen Foundation is an example of one of the many reasons that I read and participate here.

We might have been drawn together, initially, trying to find the truth of Sarah Palin's wild description of her Wild Ride. As she continued to influence politics, speaking words without substance, we found others who shared our feelings about her. We could laugh at Sarah Palin's Alaska, laugh at her clothing and wig choices, laugh at her very public family vacation, her twisted version of history, and feel sorry for her children. Sarah brought us together, but PGates has become much more.

Politalgates also represents spirit of contribution. We owe great thanks to the people who spend so much time writing and researching topics of current interest-- history, politics, social issues. This has become a forum to increase our knowledge and awareness, especially in these days of newspapers and magazines cutting back. The exchange of ideas from people around the world and from different backgrounds is like participating in one of those exciting discussion groups. All views and opinions are welcomed and respected, well, with the exception of one person from Brooklyn. The comments written here are thoughtful and well written. (Every time that I see Wasilla in the Feedjit, I want to wave and thank Sarah for bringing us together).

The Komen issue is an example of something else that PGates provides-- resources, places to take action, background information. With so many eyes scanning the internet for the latest developments, I always feel in touch with current affairs. There is one more thing that PGatres provides, and that is a sense of community. We are thrilled when a daughter becomes engaged. We want to support those who are suffering from serious health issues, or going through a serious, emotional family crisis. There are recipes, words of encouragement, and humor, great, witty, clever comments and pictures. It is exciting to read so many spirited contributions, and the Kormen story is just one of many issues that reflects all of the ways that PGates affects us. Here's to sharing more great years together.


Leadfoot_LA has an offering of a different flavour to share with us. It is a what I can only describe as a pictorial ode of her desire for Levi Johnston, who our gal met up with last year at his birthday bash in Las Vegas. Try not to blush too hard.

 My Valentine

Despite Leadfoot's wandering eye we all know that her heart remains constant and true.

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