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Sarah Palin at CPAC 2013 - "Gulp Fiction" for desperate Republicans - UPDATE: "Wonkette" reveals that the teleprompters were specifically set up for Palin's speech - UPDATE 2: "Wonkette" editor Rebecca Schoenkopf writes that Sarah Palin "did not have her own baby"

By Patrick

"Mr. CPAC Chairman, when I told ya I needed a lotta coke to speak this isn't exactly what I meant."


Yes, she is back! The most famous Republican clown has spoken again! One thing is for certain now: If you love sugar, the drug of choice for billions of humans, then you have to love Sarah Palin. She is the new self-appointed ambassador for the white, crystal stuff. To hell with the nanny state! We want sugar, and lots of it! Sarah to the rescue! Sugar for the masses! And down with Bloomberg and Obama!

However, Sarah apparently did not even finish her sugary bombshell:

In case you missed Sarah's diabetes-inducing CPAC speech:

What else can be said about Sarah's desperate attempts to stay in the limelight and to fleece her gullible followers for their hard-earned cash? She is still stupid, she is still mean, she is still mentally disturbed - but according to some, she at least puts on a good show. So it appears that she finally found her destiny: Being some kind of sinister entertainer. But then, she can only dish out and not take it, as she has proven over and over again.

Following the special wish of our reader "Enigmaplanner", here is a picture of the "free Sarah Palin poster" that somebody had been giving away at CPAC:

Oh yes, and then there was this "rifle and rack" joke. She sounded like a parody of herself. It is so hard to take her seriously, especially for people like us who have followed her closely for years. There is one thing to say: She certainly is unique. There will never be a second Sarah Palin, ever. Also, she will fool nobody any more. Anyone with a few brain cells left has realized that Sarah Palin is all about the show, and the money, and the mean attacks towards anyone who dislikes her and is more successful than her.

She is the ultimate mean girl, and will always be. But she also is a clown, and will always be.

So, in honour of Quitler, the curse from Alaska: Please cut down on the sugar, everybody! Sugary drinks for example, just avoid them, please. :-)

Click to enlarge:



Just minutes after Sarah's speech, SarahPAC sent out a fundraising appeal - no surprise!

Big h/t to KatieAnnieOakley!



"Wonkette" just published a great article about Sarah's speech, by an author who attended the event - and Wonkette also reveals that the teleprompter for her speech had been specifically set up for Sarah!


Palin threw a lot of raw meat and big gulps at the crowd, and they ate it allll up, despite the fact that it was so unfresh it could have starred in a Massengill ad. Because, seriously, it was the same old tired shit. Sarah tossed out all of her old favorites: Obama’s takin’ our guns! Hey Crowd! Where’s the liberal media? We got some surveyor marks for you guys, why dontcha stand up? Where are you liars? Sidenote — honestly, it is sort of terrifying to be called out in a crowd full of rabble rousers when your rabble is the one they are actually getting whipped up to rouse. It just is.

She also went kinda slutty, “Todd’s got the gun and I’ve got the rack!” Gross. Then Sister Sarah skirted into Birther territory when she said “Obama wants background checks before we can exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, but maybe we should have had a background check on Obama first!!!” HEY! THAT’S a new idea! Why hasn’t ANYONE vetted the now second-term President and his Kenyan background? Like, Ever? It’s almost as bad as that time when John McCain chose a vice presidential candidate after some cursory googling by his staff.


But, her most ridiculous moment of all ridiculousness had to be when the jabbering hockey-momming-lip-glossing-pit-grizzley-bullying 2008 reject read an Obama-Teleprompter joke, throwing out there a tired four-year old remark to the effect, “Hey Mr. President, its time to step away from the teleprompter and do your job.” Nothing new here, just some old rotted raw meat for the crowd, like the rest of her speech, but the amazing thing was, she read her Obama teleprompter joke FROM A TELEPROMPTER.

Yes, just before she was to take her turn with the talky-hatey thing, something very odd happened, for the first time all day. The stage crew appeared and set up … teleprompters. NO ONE had used them up to this point, they weren’t even on or near the stage for anyone else at all. Not even Michele “one L, two crazy eyes” Bachmann had used a teleprompter til then, but Sarah had to have them, because her speech was too long to have written on her hands. Talk about your choots-pah!

Picture from Wonkette - Stage hands install Sarah Palin's teleprompter:

Another picture from Wonkette - Sarah Palin and the teleprompter during her speech:



Apparently Comcast, for example in TN, is having a major technical problem right now and can only show CSPAN - with Sarah Palin's speech. This resulted in some very delightful tweets. Examples:



A very pleasant surprise - again from "Wonkette!" Their editor und publisher Rebecca Schoenkopf made an unexpected remark about Sarah Palin's pregnancy and therefore deliberately rejected the "consensus" amongst liberal media outlets that there is nothing wrong with Sarah's pregnancy.

In the report about Sarah Palin's CPAC speech, Rebecca Schoenkopf yesterday wrote:

2:13: It’s not about the bad guys. It’s all about the lead. “Background checks? Yeah I guess to learn more about a person’s thinking and associations?” And then there’s the Trumpian birther stuff we guess? That we should have learned more about Obama’s background? Birther stuff is a little odd coming from Sarah Palin, of course (BECAUSE SHE DID NOT HAVE HER OWN BABY).

Interesting! Is there hope? :-)

As I have said many times before, we already know with absolute certainty already since spring 2009 that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, and we have written about it extensively. I get the feeling that at some point the discussion about Sarah's pregnancy will start again, especially if she continues to stay in the limelight. One of the biggest political scandals is still waiting to be exposed - and it will also expose the character of Sarah Palin herself, who is a mentally disturbed woman and habitual liar, a person who should play no role in public life.

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