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Scott Prouty 47 Percent Video - Mitt Romney's Remarks Regarding Impoverished Chinese Workers Working For Western Companies

Re-Post by Patrick

Scott Prouty is an honourable man who was more concerned during the run up to the election about the bigger picture than making a name for himself. He deserves every accolade that we can give him. When the video was first released Patrick wrote an update on a postt regarding the comments that Romney had made regarding the use of Chinese slave labour. I think that now is the correct time to re-post Patrick's thoughts about "Mitt Romey's peculiar views" with regard to the use of Chinese labour and the benefits of having impoverished people so desperate to work that they will accept labour camp conditions.

The original post is linked here and was originally posted on 26th August, 2012 .


This clip is just about to go viral - somebody videotaped Mitt Romney at a $ 50,000-per-plate private fundraiser and published a first clip: Mitt Romney praising the virtues of the notoriously appalling working conditions in Chinese factories - a Capitalist's dream!

Watch the clip:

UPDATE - The video clip is not available any more as the "Rachel Maddow" youtube account has been deleted, but I uploaded the clip again, and here it is, in its full glory:

Mitt Romney letting the audience know about his rather peculiar views:

"95% of life is set up for you if you were born in this country. And, I remember going to ah, uh, sorry just to bore you with stories.

When I was back in my private equity days, we went to China to buy a factory there. It employed about 20,000 people. And they were almost all young women between the ages of about 18 and 22 or 23. They were saving for potentially becoming married.

And they work in these huge factories, they made various uh, small appliances. And uh, as we were walking through this facility, seeing them work, the number of hours they
worked per day, the pitance they earned, living in dormitories with uh, with little bathrooms at the end of maybe 10, 10 room, rooms. And the rooms they have 12 girls per room.

Three bunk beds on top of each other. You've seen, you've seen them? (Oh...yeah, yeah!) And, and, and around this factory was a fence, a huge fence with barbed wire and
guard towers. And, and, we said gosh! I can't believe that you, you know, keep these girls in! They said, no, no, no. This is to keep other people from coming in.

Because people want so badly to come work in this factory that we have to keep them out. Or they will just come in here and start working and, and try and get compensated. So we, this is to keep people out. And they said, actually Chinese New Year as the girls go home, sometimes they decide they've saved enough money and they don't come back to the factory.

And he said, so, on the weekend after Chinese New Year there will be a line of people hundreds long, outside the factory, hoping that some girls haven't come back. And they can come to the factory. And, and so as we were experiencing this for the first time, going to see a factory like this in China some years ago.

The Bain Partner I was with turned to me and said, you know, 95% of life is settled if you are born in America. This is uh, this is an amazing land and what we have is unique and fortunately it is so special we are sharing it with the world."

Isn't it cool to have millions of impoverished people wanting to work for you...?

These are the values of the wannabe President of the United States...?

This is what working conditions in Chinese factories often look like - watch the documentary "Santa's Workshop":

(h/t IWantTheTruth)


The uploader of the video (who calls herself "Rachel Maddow", but is just a Rachel Maddow fan) said in the comments of the video that she will make the full speech available to the MSM:

There can be in my view no doubt whatsoever that this video is "real" (other websites think the same, for example "Crooks & Liars"). It is clearly Mitt Romney's voice, you can also see him in the video, and the uploader recorded from a fairly concealed position. It might very well have been an employee who was working at this event. It is also apparent that the video uploader is pretty inexperienced as far as "internet activities" are concerned, because he or she chose the rather unfortunate youtube name "Rachel Maddow" (although explaining in the profile that he/she is just a "fan"), which resulted in a rather absurd controversy, with even Rachel Maddow tweeting about the video.


 video.The bigger picture?Romney's thoughts on the value of low paid chinese workers.  Anything to make money

Scott Prouty mentioned in the interview with Ed that he feels that the issue of Romney's views regarding Chinese labour are still important and deserve more attention. We here at Politicalgates are more than happy to continue to spread the word and support Scott.

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