Friday, March 8, 2013

Utter Bill Shit! Bill O'Reilly - His Idea Of A Fair And Balanced Discussion With Alan Colmes

By Kathleen

Last night we were treated to an extraordinary display of fair and balanced news by Bill  "We the People"  O'Reilly. During a dazzling display of loud and obnoxious drama-rama O'Reilly donned his "Alex Jones hat"  (readers who click this link will find it rewarding - promise!) and proceeded to shout down the answer that his Fox News colleague Alan Colmes attempted to give him regarding President Obama's plans to cut spending. O'Reilly preferred to repeatedly call Colmes a liar rather than allow Colmes the chance to state the programme cuts that President Obama had put forward. I call O'Reilly's overblown petulance "Bill Shit"! (more joy for readers at this link - hand on heart!)

Cenk Unger at The Young Turks tells it as it is:

The lies and distortions at Fox are only going to get worse as the sequester bites and starts to hurt. Expect more monster loud shilling from Fox presenters who refuse to face up to the fact that the President does have a plan which will replace the sequester.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

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