Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - The first "hot topic" of 2016 has already arrived: A new Palin baby-mystery!

By Patrick

Happy New Year, everybody! We hope it will be a good one! It certainly will be an eventful one!

Kathleen and I have a relaxed, happy time with family this year, and this is exactly what we needed. I had a stressful year (as usual) and need to re-charge my batteries. I also like the time between Christmas and New Year because it is a time for reflection.

Reflecting on 2015, there is of course one topic which in our view was pretty special. It was a "baby mystery" which a very long time ago, in 2008,  brought us into the "world of blogging." Times were different back then, as Sarah Palin in 2008 was a rising star, with a seemingly bright future ahead of her. Kathleen and I quickly realized that Sarah Palin was, amongst many other unpleasant things, a huge fraud. In the years following 2008, Sarah Palin's various secrets kept us and other bloggers busy.

These days, her secrets have become less relevant, as Sarah Palin has virtually disappeared from the political scene. She still tries to insert herself into the discussion now and then, usually with catchy "red meat buzzwords", but the media has finally decided to largely ignore her. Which is good news. We also no longer want to give her too much attention , as she does not deserve it, no matter how much she craves it. While it is disappointing that Sarah Palin has never been properly exposed in the mainstream for the fraud that she really is, we can take comfort in the fact that behind the scenes, many people are not as "uninformed" as it might seem to the public, and this definitely has contributed hugely to her downfall.

It is rather surprising that a new "Palin baby mystery" has emerged with "Sailor Grace", although the circumstances are of course different, and Bristol Palin will never be even remotely as important as her mother Sarah actually might have been at some point. Still, it is relevant enough to discuss it here.

In many ways, the miraculous birth of "Sailor Grace", who we hope will have a happy and fulfilled life, is quite similar to several other "Palin secrets", in such that it is for example actually quite hard to ascertain what actually happened. Although the whole thing happened under the spotlight of the national as well as international press, the public has received little enlightenment regarding the circumstances so far.

We do know that a baby named "Sailor Grace" was born, apparently on December 23, 2015. I personally have no doubt at this point that this is real date of birth. But from this point onwards, very little is certain.

First of all, who is her father? Bristol's ex-fiance, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer apparently "claimed" the baby in a curiously worded facebook post, which leaves many more open questions.

Or didn't he? The media seems undecided about this point.

While for example "Radar Online" came out with this rather sensational headline, which by the way is based on the same very sketchy information that everybody else has as well....

...other media outlets were not really convinced whether the question of the parentage was really settled once and for all:

Then there were other outlets who correctly noted that Bristol Palin herself so far has never said a word about the identity of the father:

So the confusion is complete, and there are still so many open questions that I do not even know where to begin.

First of all, Dakota Meyer himself has not mentioned Bristol in his facebook post. Just as Bristol obviously crossed Dakota out from the list of people who are worth mentioning at all, Dakota himself also did not deem it necessary to mention Bristol. Well, they are only supposed to have a child why mention each other, LOL! Can anyone think of a worse start?

So the questions begin: Why on earth have Bristol and Dakota not mentioned each other in their postings? Why did Dakota publish his more or less cryptic facebook post, declaring the baby was the "best Christmas present ever", but otherwise seems absolutely disinterested in the whole affair as well as in the baby, just like he did during the whole pregnancy?

Also, is he really absolutely certain that it is his baby? Or does he merely "believe" that he is the father?

The questions go on and on. Absolutely nothing really fits together. Also, if it is Dakota's baby, he should better make sure that he can exercise his parental rights, as the Palins are notorious for trying to exclude unwanted fathers from her family. Their efforts to destroy Trooper Mike Wooten even made history, and Levi Johnston also was their punching-ball for several years, until he got the right lawyer and finally put up a real fight for his child.

So what is our take on all this? After all, we have the benefit of having carefully examined many "private scandals" of the Palins of the past, having received inside knowledge on several occasions, and we also experienced the events of the previous years pretty much from a "front-seat-perspective."

The typical "Palin-scandal" does not happen in the same way as many other scandals. The typical "Palin-scandal" is riddled with facts and events which are hardly believable for anyone who leads a pretty normal life. One of the main reasons that the Palins have never been properly exposed is the fact that their actions are often so unbelievable that they really do defy belief. In public, however, the Palins stress on every given opportunity what a totally normal and happy family they are.

We for example spent several years trying to convince the public as well as the media that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig, and although the evidence is there and many people for example in Alaska are also well aware of the truth, Sarah Palin is still "officially" considered to be the biological mother of Trig. It is in Wikipedia, so it has be true. One of the main reasons (not the only reason, however): The truth is so outrageous that the truth is virtually impossible to believe. It is the well-know, tested and tried "Big Lie Theory" in action. ("Make a claim that is so outrageous that people will assume that it cannot be a lie, and so accept it as truth. Strongly assert the lie. Massage available data to 'prove' the lie as being true.)

This is a "recurring theme" as far as Palin-scandals are concerned. Another "recurring-theme" is that the available facts are often sketchy - on purpose. Because the more facts one knows, the more questions one can ask, the more conclusions are possible. This became evident again after the "Palin-brawl" from September 2014, when the Palins for weeks kept quiet about the issue, apparently in the hope that the whole affair will simply blow over. Only after incriminating witness statements were published did the Palins start to make public statements about what happened during the brawl, painting themselves as victims, as usual, despite the fact that all the statements by independent witnesses dispute their version of events.

Do we know the truth about  "Sailor Grace"...? I have some strong suspicions, however, I cannot claim for definite that I know the truth. Some of you will remember that the source who originally provided the information leading to the discovery of Dakota Meyer's "secret marriage" (another unexplained mystery with many open questions) at some point posted very specific information about an apparent "arrangement" between Bristol and Dakota in regards to the planned marriage. The source claimed that Dakota is not the biological father of "Sailor Grace", but that Bristol got pregnant by another man. Shortly after posting, the source deleted the comments.

We have no real doubts about the "credibility" of the source in general, however, whether this specific information was true or not, we cannot say for certain. Everyone can make up his or her own mind, and we certainly won't spend the next years trying to find the truth, as the Palins have been relegated to being "tabloid fodder" these days.. Also, I would expect that the truth will eventually come to light, as these events are not confined to the "inner circle" of the Palin-family, like was the case with Sarah's faked pregnancy, where only a tiny handful of people know the full truth.

One thing we know for certain: If there is a Palin-baby born out of wedlock, there will be drama. Lots of drama. The fact that Bristol and Dakota already do not even mention each other any more already points to the fact that there probably will be many more tabloid-headlines ahead.

So much for reflection. Ahead of us is the year 2016, possibly with more political drama then our weak hearts will be able to bear, LOL! So let's raise our glasses, and let's make sure that our glass is always half-full, and not half-empty! It is just much healthier that way.



Our dear reader "drpatois" posted the link to this wonderful. witty new video in the last post. This is an absolute "must-see" for the new year! Jerry Seinfeld has coffee with President Obama, and there is a very cool car involved as well.

I cannot embed this video, but the link is here. Enjoy!

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