Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Republican Clown Party, tonight, without Donald Trump: We won't miss him! UPDATE - Puppy Jake Foundation will be one of the organisations to benefit from Trump's Vet fundraiser

By Patrick

Just a quick one: The Republican Clown Party might be a little bit less crazy tonight without Donald Trump. MAYBE! Nobody knows for sure right now. We will see! Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

However, one thing is obvious: Nobody will miss America's biggest baby.

The debate starts at 7.00 p.m. ET and can be watched for everybody online (no restrictions) here.

"The View" had a great discussion about Donald the coward:

Therefore, not tonight - thankfully:


A representative from the Puppy Jake Foundation, a local Iowa non profit supporting vets,named Josh, has announced that the Puppy Jake Foundation will benefit from Trump's fundraising event for veterans this evening. Josh says that the Puppy Jake Foundation is a non partisan organisation which only cares about veterans and that it doesn't care what political views supporters have.

Readers here will recall that the Puppy Jake Foundation trained and supplied Sarah Palin with a dog. The dog named Jill was at the center of a huge controversy after Palin posted photos of Trig Palin using the dog as a stepping stool.

Palin recently endorsed Trump and she has appeared at several events in Iowa on his behalf. Trump has declared that Palin is "Vice Presidential material". Palin has also promoted the Puppy Jake Foundation on Facebook.

Nicole Shumate of Paws & Effect, which is also a local Iowa non profit which has successfully trained and supplied dogs to support returning veterans suffering from various disabilities, made the following statement.

"Paws & Effect believes that veterans deserve the utmost dignity and respect. Veterans should seek care from organizations that hold themselves in the highest regard, free from criminal conduct, free from corruption and free from practices that risk their nonprofit status."

Will update again tomorrow. 

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