Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shawn Patterson, Oscar- and Grammy-nominated songwriter, presents four songs from his upcoming musical about Sarah Palin, "It Came From Wasilla" - Plus: "Snacks and Socks" about current events in Oregon

By Patrick

The composer and songwriter Shawn Patterson, who received an Oscar- and a Grammy nomination for his truly awesome song "Everything is Awesome" from the even more awesome "Lego Movie"...

...makes good on his promise to write a musical about Sarah Palin and published the first four songs from the upcoming musical on the website www.itcamefromwasilla.com. We very much hope that the musical will finally find its way on stage, as the published songs are wonderful and very witty!

These four songs are called:





The lyrics show that Shawn Patterson has done some diligent research about Sarah Palin and the environment she emerged from. Also, the lyrics of the song "Troopergate" are a very accurate narration of the facts of one of Sarah Palin's famous scandals.

I cannot embed the songs here, but you can listen to them on the mentioned website (screenshot):

So, enjoy the songs! We cannot wait for the next ones! :-)

The website explains:

Welcome to the brand new stage musical from Academy Award and Grammy nominated Composer and Songwriter Shawn Patterson, “It Came From Wasilla”. From the remote, no rules frontier of tiny Wasilla, Alaska, this is the unknown, fictional / non-fiction story of Governor Sarah Palin and her best friend, Jesus that you never heard.

Set on a mission to lead the USA with their hard-core conservative values; Sarah and Jesus climb, seek, bumble and destroy their way all the way to the top of the presidential campaign trail. Along with husband Todd, bratty teen daughter Bristol, white trash boyfriend Levi Johnston, and Sarah’s faithful staff, this ensemble story is a genuine rags to riches tale with heart.

Necrophilia, power, sin, witchcraft, teen pregnancy, greed, lust, politics, corruption, black mail, religion and more all set to over the top catchy songs; this is dark musical comedy at it’s finest. It’s “The Wizard of Oz” meets “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”… meets a fully loaded crack pipe. This musical is currently being shopped in both New York and Los Angeles.

We do hope that Shawn Patterson will be successful in bringing this musical to the big stage. After all, the public interest in the Palin-family never ceases, as the current new very public "baby-battle" proves.

Also, Sarah Palin can be seen as the person "who started it all", who brought the "crazy" into mainstream politics. Donald Trump is her rightful heir, and it is definitely worth to explore where the crazy came from. It comes from a little town in Alaska, where a night in the "Mug Shot Saloon", just round the corner of Sarah Palin's house, is regarded as a great night out.



Just today, Shawn Patterson also uploaded a brand-new song on youtube, about some Yahoos in Oregon, which you will certainly enjoy: "Snacks and Socks."



This one is of course unrelated to Sarah Palin, but on the internet, we can also be heroes, just for one day:



For the occasion, in memory of David Bowie - one of the most beautiful music-videos ever published:

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