Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The inevitable drama, here it comes: Dakota Meyer files custody suit against Bristol Palin and wants joint custody for daughter Sailor Grace as well as child support - UPDATE: Dakota Meyer's lawyer clarifies that he does not seek child support at this point

By Patrick

Drama, here we come! Did we predict it, or did we not?

"TMZ" has the scoop and reports that Dakota Meyer filed a lawsuit against Bristol Palin, demanding  joint custody for their daughter Sailor Grace, and Dakota Meyer is asking for child support as well!

Unfortunately, "TMZ" did not make the legal documents available to the public, but from the Alaska Court Records we can see Dakota Meyer filed the custody case yesterday, on January 4, 2016 (click on "Search Cases" and then search for Dakota Meyer's name, but be aware that there is actually another "Dakota Meyer" living in Alaska).

Click on screenshot to enlarge:

This is now already the third custody case for Bristol Palin. She fought two heated custody battles against Levi Johnston, and the second custody case finally ended in a confidential settlement, apparently to the satisfaction of both parties.

See our extensive reporting about the second custody case against Levi Johnston here, here, here, here and here, with many original documents from the trial exclusively published here at Politicalgates. Levi Johnston had to endure relentless attacks coming from Bristol Palin's lawyer against him.

However, Dakota Meyer is not just anybody. He is a Medal of Honor recipient, a public figure as well as a military hero for many conservatives, and he surely is not taking any garbage coming from the Palin-clan. So it will be interesting what will happen during the custody trial, as well as in public, because the tabloids will now surely be all over this matter.

I could not find the original court documents, although "TMZ" claimed that they obtained the documents. If you find a link to the documents, please post it in the comments.

Yes, Sarah Palin should have thought twice before she wagged her finger in Dakota Meyer's face!

This is a "lose-lose situation" for the Palins, but we are not surprised about this development at all.



Dakota Meyer's lawyer released a statement and said that the inital reports about Dakota seeking child support were false (this now disputed fact was originally reported by "TMZ", who broke the story about the custody suit).

AP reports:

Dakota Meyer filed a lawsuit against Bristol Palin in Alaska Superior Court on Monday seeking joint custody of their child, Sailor Grace Palin. The child was born Dec. 23.

"Dakota couldn't be more excited to be a new father and the best dad that he can be," his lawyer, Kimberlee Colbo, said in an email to The Associated Press.

"To him, that means being a big part of his daughter's life. Beyond that, he'd really appreciate and thank his friends, supporters and the news media for respecting the privacy of each family in this very personal matter," Colbo said.

Attempts to reach a spokesman for Bristol Palin, who competed twice on "Dancing with the Stars" and had her own reality show on cable, weren't immediately successful. The Palin family lawyer declined to comment.

Meyer, a former Marine living in Greensburg, Kentucky, was engaged to Palin, but the wedding was abruptly called off a week before it was to take place last May.

Meyer is seeking joint custody and shared physical custody of the child, and the court could decide child support.

"At this point, no one is seeking child support," Colbo said.


The custody-drama between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer continues: The "Daily Mail" reports that Dakota also filed for custody in Kentucky, and that the Kentucky court decided to establish paternity for baby Sailor Grace - Meanwhile, Bristol Palin slams Dakota Meyer on Instagram!

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