Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finally, the third and last debate - It will soon be over, and the Constitution will have saved the American people

By Patrick

Yes, almost done!

Don't worry, very soon, the nightmare will be over.

I am confident that America will recover, although it may take some time.

What I hope is the following: America will realize (again) that the Constitution has been created to protect us from ourselves. This year, the Constitution has to protect us from Donald Trump and his minions.

We need to have faith in the strength of American democracy.

The debate will probably just be as terrible as the last one, but at least it will soon be over.

Starting at 09.00 ET, as usual.

Here are two interesting clips.

Steve Schmidt, a man who redeemed himself, makes some stinging comments:

Stephen Colbert talks to "Melania Trump":



Randy Rainbow interviews Melania Trump:

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