Friday, October 28, 2016

Songs about Donald Trump

By Patrick

Donald Trump aspires to be a dictator who wants to throw his domestic enemies in jail, wants to throw millions of people out of the country, wants to end the concept of a free press and media, wants to torture his "foreign" enemies  and kill their families, wants to "shoot first and ask questions later", wants to punish women for abortions, and wants many more obscene things which I have forgotten about right now.

Donald Trump is obscene.

Therefore, it is fully justified to publish hard-hitting, even "outrageous" anti-Trump music-videos, like the Russian band "Pussy Riot" did yesterday. It appears that only those people who for example already experienced the humiliating life as a prisoner in an autocratic country can truly imagine what life in "Donald Trump's America" would be like. Three members of "Pussy Riot" had to endure nearly two years imprisonment in Vladimir Putin's prison camps, and they know very well what the very harsh reality would look like. No doubt in my mind that Donald Trump deeply admires Vladimir Putin's brutal system...

(h/t silver_desert)


More interesting songs which are "featuring" Donald Trump in one way or the other can be found on the internet. Here is a small collection of songs which are worth watching.



However, there is no doubt in my mind that American democracy will triumph over the forces of evil in the end.

Have a good and pleasant weekend, everybody!

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