Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Saturday Night Live" with Tom Hanks - Looking for yuuuuuuge fun?

By Patrick

We need a new post, I am a bit "trumped out" at the moment, so I will keep it brief. Donald Trrump's campaign will probably go down in history as the worst presidential campaign ever, but this is hardly a surprise, as "the Don" is also the worst presidential candidate ever. 

Maybe the "Trump-wing" of the Republican party should just form a separate party. They could call themselves "Huge Nuts Party." Haha, I came up with this myself.

Anyway, Tom Hanks, a man I really admire, teamed up again with the good people at "Saturday Night Live", and the results are glorious, as was to be expected.

Tom Hanks is a great person and a real role model. The "antidote" to Donald Trump, so to speak.

Watch and enjoy!

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