Sunday, October 9, 2016

Let's brace ourselves for the town hall debate - this one should be interesting!

By Patrick

OK, so I think, by now, we have "seen it all"...! Or have we?

The "town hall" starts today at 09.00 pm ET, and it promises to be interesting. "The Don" against Hillary. What could possibly go wrong.

Therefore, have fun, everyone!

Here are some cartoons and clips to "get you in the mood."

I will be sound asleep, as always! But I guess Kathleen will be watching.

Have fun, and maybe have a strong drink as well. ;-)

These are golden times for SNL, which comes as no surprise:


(here is a better link, but I believe that this link works only within the USA)


CLIP 2 (works only in the USA):


Finally, the SNL-clip from the first debate (this link also only works for US viewers):

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