Thursday, February 10, 2011

Answers to Leadfoot_LA's quiz & Happy Birthday Sarah - Open Post

By Patrick

I just spoke to Nomadic Joe in chat regarding his excellent post about the Koch Brothers and pointed out that it clearly came at the "wrong" time. We will repost it in the near future when there aren't so many other distractions.

As you have all been patiently waiting I would like to publish the answer's to Leadfoot's pop quiz. As a bonus, I will also throw in the "Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart" (click on pictures to enlarge):

In case the flow chart "fails"...

...then there is always the "easy way out" afterwards for Super-Sarah:

Just wait for it! ;-)

Ladies and Gentleman, may I now present the answers to Leadfoot's pop quiz:

1) b - Zsa Zsa Gabor
2) a - Woody Allen
3) b - Sarah Palin
4) c - Justin Bieber
5) c - Matt Damon
6) a - Sting
7) d - Leonardo DiCaprio
8) a - Sarah Palin
9) b - John Mellencamp
10) b - John Cusack
11) c - Michelle Bachmann, talking about the healthcare bill
12) a - Christine O'Donnell
13) c - Britney Spears
14) b - Paris Hilton
15) d - Lindsay Lohan
16) c - Paris Hilton
17) c - Sarah Palin
18) a - Lady Gaga
19) d - Sarah Palin
20) c - Sarah Palin

Finally, we have a special birthday message from Leadfoot_LA to Sarah:

Also, it is Sarah Palin's birthday. Another year gone without being exposed for the pregnancy-faking fraud that she really is. But we will be nice, and wish her happy birthday with a special card from Politicalgates:

Or maybe this one is better:

At any rate, Happy Birthday Sarah! You may all leave your wishes for Sarah in the comments.



An alert reader sent us the following email.

While bashing Rick Santorum does she slip around the 2:10 mark and almost say four instead of five children?

Personally, I think that the reader might be on to something................Palin definitely stumbles over the number of children that she has.

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