Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recap of Bristol Palin's E News Interview - Open Thread

By Leadfoot

Bristol debuted her newly sculpted chin tonight on E! News. Guiliana Rancic interviewed Bristol in her home in Maricopa, AZ "about her new adventure and her new guy." Here is a recap of this part one of two (part two airs tomorrow):

Bristol admits Gino is her boyfriend and shows a bunch of pictures of him. He looks like a poor man's Levi. He is "awesome with Tripp and a really good guy." Gino is a Christian, so they "have the same religious beliefs." They both put family first and have a lot in common. Gino still lives in Alaska, so they are making a long distance relationship work.

However, she doesn't want to make the same mistakes that she did with Levi this time so she is taking it really slow. She "doesn't want another relationship that is out in the public eye." (Note to Bristol: Are you freaking kidding me?! Then you might not want to go on E! News and TALK ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP and show pictures of Gino! You people make my head hurt!)

She goes on, "I'm not ready to get married or anything. We're only 20 and we're just having a good time right now." (Another note to Bristol: Isn't that what you get paid to talk about NOT doing?!)

Bristol moved to Arizona for a change of pace. She grew up really independent and fearless, so she isn't afraid to be on her own. Her parents have visited and really like it there. They love how small and mellow the community is. She says, "It is a good town."

Tripp has really started talking a lot in the last few weeks. Good -- maybe he will say, "where is my daddy?" During this segment, they show a picture of Tripp pinned to Bristol's wall, and you can see that right next to it, there is also a picture of Trig. Very interesting.

Bristol thinks that Tripp is smart, but wonders if maybe she is just biased because she is his mom. I think she wouldn't know smart if it whacked her in the face.

She says that she still goes to Alaska every 3-4 weeks to see her family, but would go even more frequently if Levi asks to see Tripp. She says, "I would love for Levi to be a part of Tripp's every day life, but I know that for Levi's lifestyle right now, that's just not a possibility." By "Levi's lifestyle" she must mean the fact that she took his son and moved thousands of miles away.

Bristol says she never committed to the Washington University gig, so she couldn't be uninvited. She feels like she is being bullied, but knows she is strong enough to handle it. She thinks it is odd that so many celebrities are anti-bullying, but yet some of them, "like Kate Walsh and Kathy Griffin, are bullies!" She wasn't bothered by Kathy Griffin's comments about her weight on DWTS "just because it was coming from Kathy Griffin, of all people. I think it just shows her immaturity. I don't think that stuff is funny at all. She just has a weird hate for our family, just like her coming to Alaska and knocking on our front door. And it is weird also that she would pick on my weight when she has had botched liposuction procedures and stuff like that." Oh my, where to start. Obviously, Bristol, comments about your weight DID bother you, because you ran right out and had the fat sucked out of your neck and worked on losing weight. Also too, you are REALLY going to criticize her for picking on you, then in the same sentence, pick on her?! About the SAME EXACT procedure you just had done yourself three weeks ago? Oh honey, please get yourself a PR person to craft your messages from now on, and stick to the script.

I have to say, Bristol does look much better. She has lost weight and the changes to her face are an improvement. She looks younger and fresh again. Her home, though, barely looks lived in, and has all beige walls and brown furniture. It looks like the furniture showroom at Macy's -- boring and mature. Not at all fun and colorful like the home of a young girl should look.

Tomorrow, Tripp will take us all on a tour of the new home. Oh, gee, I can't wait.


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