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Dusty's Corner - Head Figure Head, Helmet Head and Air Heads

WOW! I am blown away with the similarities of how the media has handled startling revelations concerning both Palin and Perry. Head Figure Head written by Glen Maxey was released this week and he writes of his failure to get the story of Rick Perry’s sexual encounters with men published by a multinational publishing company.  I found the book via Juanita Jean’s blog. Juanita included a link to a magazine article she authored for Out Smart. Love the jacket.

Glen started his quest in June 2011. He worked with the journalist by tapping his own network of contacts and Facebook while referring the guys to the journalist for first person interviews. I found it quite ironic that right in the beginning in the introduction there is this:

I learned a lot about not only many of his alleged former partners, but also the difficulty in exposing them to the wider public, particularly in a state where so many individuals’ jobs and livelihoods depend on not incurring the wrath of Texas’ longest-serving governor and his massive cronies, appointees and henchmen.

Then I read this in the next paragraph…the tension between the right to privacy of public figures and the potential forfeiture of privacy when hypocrisy about sexuality is used as a political tool.

Sound familiar anyone?  These lines instantly reminded me of the stories in Joe’s book about people who had offered him guns for his personal protection.  The guy who offered his home just in case Joe needed a safe place to get away from one or more of Palin's henchmen.  Also the stories we’ve heard of those in Alaska who are afraid to talk for fear of monetary and/ or physical harm.

Wonder how the taxpayers of Texas will feel once they or if they ever find out that their tax dollars paid for Perry to have his security team drive him to and from his alleged sexual encounters with other men. Bet they’ll feel just like some of the Alaskans who finally got their eyes opened regarding their own governor’s alleged behavior.

Head Figure Head is a good book and well worth the read. The author explains why his quest failed and leaves unanswered the question Why is some article allowed to be published without sources while other articles have the same criteria are not allowed to be published without further sources? Makes you wonder just who Herman Cain pissed off too. 

I am left to wonder when will enough be enough for those who control the strings in the media. When will they finally report the truth and stop protecting and pandering to those who are at a minimum a disgrace to all that is dear to this Nation.  Fake a pregnancy- make a million dollars, fake a marriage- run for national office, out your teen age pregnant daughter- oh here make another million dollars, fake your talent- oh here make another million.  Ironic isn’t it that these two clowns are two of the loudest screaming about government spending while their Master is spending millions to keep their secrets hidden.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked anymore this week AzureGhost shocked me and a few others to the point of speechlessness. Yes I know, shocking isn’t it? Did you know Callista Gingrich is only 45 yrs old? Yes she is only 45 years old. 

Check out this story at Salon.com you’ll be amazed. However in true Dusty fashion what really got my attention was this: (bold is mine) 

The 45-year-old third wife of 67-year-old Newt Gingrich and, as of Wednesday, aspiring first lady, is a devout Catholic who began her relationship with her husband via a lengthy extramarital affair. She’s a small town girl from Wisconsin who plays the French horn in her local city band and has recently written a children’s book about American “exceptionalism.”

All I can say is How Republican of her and Thanks but No Thanks I’ll keep our current First Lady who is just 2 years older.

Next up in the Stupid Crap Rick (whom neither will ever be president) Says News

Santorum believes that poor children should suffer hunger and other hardships in life as a means to prevent them from relying on government programs. So says the guy who allowed a school district to pay for his children’s cyberschooling while not living in that school district or even in the same state.

Rick Santorum’s daughter is on the campaign trail with him- granted she is 20 years old not in the single digits like the daughter of oh what’s her name again…- she tries to explain her dad’s father’s stance on gay marriage and misses the point too:

"It's a policy thing, he thinks this is the right thing for America and the foundations of our country," she said of gay marriage. "People are entitled to live the way they want, but to project those values and say those are the best values for our country are a different thing."

Still makes you wonder just what the hell terrifies Ricky so much about gay marriage. Lose the sweater Ricky, like Palin’s wigs they are so fake.

Rick is now trash talking the United Kingdom’s development of a social safety net claiming it cost the nation its empire. WTH?  Way to go Rick you have now lost the vote of those who want a single payer option.

"If you look at every European country that has had world domination, a world presence, from the French to the British -- 100 years ago, the sun didn't set on the British Empire," Santorum said at an appearance in Sioux City, Iowa. "If you look at that empire today -- why? Because they lost heart and faith in their heart in themselves and in their mission, who they were and what values they wanted to spread around the world. Not just for the betterment of the world, but safety and security and the benefit of their country."

At least he got one thing right this week (see the bold)  

"I've seen the media completely try to shape this race," Santorum told radio host Mike Gallagher. "It's not just the liberal media. It's also Fox News. Bill O'Reilly has refused to put me on his program. As far as he was concerned, I wasn't a worthy enough candidate to earn a spot to sit across from him and be on his program."

On his constitutional ban on abortion he swings and misses with this little gem of republican stupidity:

The question is ... is that human life a person under the constitution? And Barack Obama says no. Well if that human life is not a person then ... I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say 'now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people.

Can’t let this little oops from our favorite married ‘christian’ Texas governor who allegedly also enjoys sex with men. 

In challenging rival Rick Santorum's support for home-state projects funded with federal money, the Texas governor referred to "the Bridge to Nowhere in Arizona."

Jeez the next thing out we’ll hear is if he becomes president he will issue a Presidential Mandate that all States will be named with a different first letter. Don’t laugh! Who wants to bet he doesn't know there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. Surely no one expected the great man to possibly remember that the Bridge to Nowhere was actually in Texas’s big sister state of Alaska.  Even a Palin knows that.

I am pleased to report that 2012 is off to a good start this year as Palin was on Fox today and the Twitterverse did not explode or ever tinkle with any reactions to her same old tired, bash Obama, blah blah blah, fawn over the donald, blah blah blah (word on the street is she must be auditioning for a spot on celebrity apprentice -snark) whimper about Paul, blah blah blah, tell everyone to shut up because only her and her minions are afforded the right to free speech, blah blah 19 minutes of air time. 

Who knew that fleece paired with a string of pearls are the latest fashion trend in the Fashion Mecca that is Wasilla, Alaska? 



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