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Ma Ma Grizzly Pals Around with the Bear Assassin Corey Rossi: Sarah Palin's Corrupt Cronyism

Guest Post by Hope for America


Sarah Palin’s governing style of hiring friends proves once again she is a dismal failure as an executive decision maker.  As both mayor and governor Palin fired many experienced staff members only to fill those positions with “her people”.  Palin made it a practice to place friends and church members (despite their lack of education or qualifications) to high positions in $80,000 to $120,000 a year jobs.  One such friend hired is a Palmer resident, Corey Rossi.

In 2007 Corey Rossi was one of many state applicants vying for the position of the Commissioner of Fish and Game. This is an important job in the vast state of Alaska.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game was created as a cabinet level department run by a commissioner, who answers directly to the governor. The functions of the commissioner are to: 

"...manage, protect, maintain, improve, and extend the fish, game, and aquatic plant resources of the state in the interest of the economy and general well-being of the state."
Despite several complaints from critics warning against hiring Rossi for his lack of experience, Palin ignored the advice and pushed Rossi’s name to the top of the list.
Monday, January 29, 2007
Sally Heath writes a letter to Governor Palin and Ivy Frye to influence them with the Commissioner decision. Sally would like them to pass this information to Mike Tibbles as well. Sally champions for her friend Corey Rossi, writing he is a trusted friend and has worked hard for Sarah’s wildlife management agenda.
I will email Sarah again about getting Rossi a cush state job
The following day, Governor Palin forwards the e-mail to Mike Tibbles and also copies in Frank Bailey.
Palin adds (click to read email):

Should I listen to my parents advice or go rogue?
In another e-mail that same day Governor Palin writes:

i know Corey is a good candidate….that’s why his name is in the
Wait a minute…I thought Sally Heath was the one who tried to convince Sarah, Ivy and Mike Tibbles about Rossi’s honest character?

February 1, 2007
In an e-mail to Mike Tibbles, Jon Speigal  warns him against hiring Rossi. Jon states he had worked with Rossi for 13 years and quit because of Rossi’s unethical and deceitful practices. Speigal also states Rossi is unqualified for the position of Commissioner of Fish and Game. 

As a final warning in the e-mail Jon Speigal writes:

Rossi did not get the Commissioner job. That position was filled by Denby Lloyd.

January 2009
Rossi was first hired at Fish and Game in January 2009 for a newly created position of assistant commissioner for abundance management, overseeing the state’s predator control program. The management job was created to steer Alaska’s predator control program in which bears and wolves are killed to boost moose and caribou numbers.


Rossi’s resume for the director’s job listed former Gov. Sarah Palin’s parents as his top reference.

When the predator control management program came under fire for shooting wolves from helicopters Palin was already planning her defense. Palin frequently blames others rather than take responsibility herself and she loves to blame “outsiders” for stirring controversies.

“People outside Alaska are often clueless (about) why our biologists need responsible tools for abundant game management. We had to control our predators…that were decimating the moose and caribou herds that feed our communities.” – Sarah Palin, 2009 Going Rogue: An American Life.

 Choices, choices so many choices….   

March 2010
In March of 2010 Corey Rossi took over the post at the Division of Wildlife Conservation.  Critics once again claimed it was Rossi’s close association with the Palin family that got Rossi a top job in the conservation agency.

One week later Rossi’s critics try to oust him from his job. In a letter sent to Commissioner Lloyd and Governor Sean Parnell dozens of former Alaska Department of Fish and Game workers claimed Rossi lacked the credentials to get even an entry-level job as a biologist.  The signers are 39 former biologists and supervisors at the agency who represent more than 760 years of department experiences.

The signers of the letter see Rossi as a "single issue advocate" who lacks academic and professional experience to be a division director. Rossi's selection indicates that professional wildlife management in Alaska is being replaced by a model to maximize production of wild game meat, the letter said.

Bear caught in a handsnare before it is killed.

Commissioner Lloyd defended Rossi’s selection in 2010 in a letter:

I am confident that his professional experience, administrative abilities and familiarity with the wildlife issue in Alaska will ably save the resources as well as the people of Alaska.

Lloyd’s office refused to provide the AP with Rossi’s resume. However, the AP obtained a copy. Rossi’s resume does not list a college degree but says Rossi has 30 semester hours in zoology, botany and biology from a half dozen universities.

(doesn’t that sound familiar?)

From 1989 to 1995 Rossi worked for the same federal agency in Washington state where he was responsible for “stopping or curtailing wildlife caused resource losses and/or minimizing hazards associated with nuisance wildlife.”

In February 2011 Rossi was quoted in High Country News

Rossi says Palin backed him because of his qualifications:

The On-line Magazine High Country News quotes Rossi:

“She was very well acquainted with who I was and what I did (in federal predator control work). I don’t want to sound flippant, but this wasn’t like Sarah had a friend who was a taxi driver and said, ‘I’m going to create a cush job.’  She knew someone who happened to be an expert on these topics…I’s appreciate if you’d help us to bring some common sense and objectivity and not just continue the sensationalism and stirring the pot."

Well perhaps Sarah Palin did not have a friend who was a taxi driver, but she does have a friend who loves cows and we know how that turned out don’t we?

This brings us to January 2012:

Corey Rossi, Alaska wildlife conservation director charged with helping illegally kill bears.

The charges:
Yep, Sarah Palin… this latest embarrassment is yet another prime example of your corrupt cronyism and how karma will come back to bite you in the ass.  One more ethical embarrassment to the state of Alaska, courtesy of old quitty pants.


Do America and wildlife a favor.  Go rogue Sarah—quit politics for life.



Corey Rossi published an article in the Summer 2009 edition of "Sportsmen's Voice" with the headline "Managing for Abundance - Producing A Bounty For All Users To Enjoy." Download the article HERE.

Included in the article was also an advert by "", which gives a good impression about the mindset of Corey Rossi's friends ("Corey Rossi’s appointment may best reflect the Governor’s (Sarah Palin) refreshing perspective"):

The t-shirts:

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