Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dusty's Corner - Why Americans Vote for Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich Plus Bonus Game Change Trailer The Sarah Palin Edition

Why Americans are voting for anybody but Willard “Mittens” Romney boils down to just one simple point- The man could not tell the truth if a gun was held to his head and nor does the man understand the concept of empathy for others. 

Most Americans know Mitt is rich and they do NOT have an issue with his wealth nor do they care that he has offshore bank accounts. Rich people and offshore bank accounts and evading paying their fair share of taxes all go together in America. Admit it, it is not his wealth or the fact that he has offshore bank accounts and he obviously knows how to only pay the bare minimum in taxes that bothers you, it is the lying and the lack of empathy for his fellow Americans. 

The real issues with Mitt is that the man sees absolutely nothing wrong with lying about anything- big lie, small lie it doesn’t matter to Mitt. Politicians, Lawyers, Sales and Marketing professions all know how to ‘lie’ within the context of their professions to market themselves, their clients or their product otherwise they wouldn’t be successful. Lying is an accepted practice known as just ‘Politics’ or just ‘Sales’ but in Mitt’s case his lying goes much, much deeper and is much more dangerous as he has been running for President for quite a long time and he has very, very deep pockets in which to pay his way into office. Time and time again it has been proven that people do not like nor do they respect a liar.

What separates Mitt from other Politicians, Lawyers and Sales and Marketing professionals is his complete and utter distain and lack of empathy for those who are not just like him. Mitt like Sarah Palin has completely mastered Personal Greetings and Charm School 101: How to shake hands, use eye contact and mutter the superficial greeting “Hi, how are you? Oh, that is great” and leave them charmed and blinded by your warmth. It is when the next person in line doesn’t respond as expected that the world (well only those who are really looking) sees the real Mitt. 

Mitt does not like other people who are different from him or his beliefs. He has no patience or empathy for anyone who is in need or doesn’t subscribe (Note to Sarah Palin- that is how to correctly use the word subscribe in a sentence) to Mitt’s rigid views. Mitt like Rick Santorum holds a very rigid view of the world and he only functions at his best when he is operating within the confines of his rigid views. Mitt will never support the Dream Act, Gay Marriage or the American Affordable Health Care Act unless his church tells him to or unless he sees an opportunity to make money or prestige.

Where President Obama has said repeatedly that he did not have the patience nor the tolerance for ‘politics as usual’ neither did Mitt. Mitt’s only public office was ten years ago as a one term Governor of Massachusetts. He did not run for reelection. Ten years ago he was the Governor of Massachusetts! A lot of things have changed in ten years, but the one thing that has stayed the same is Mitt. He did not understand the world outside his world then and he still doesn’t understand it now. A man who would allow a dog to ride in a pet carrier on top of his car while in distress is not a person who should ever be elected to a position that requires thinking outside the box. If anyone could get Mitt to tell the truth would anyone be surprised if Mitt said he didn’t run for reelection for the simple reason he could not govern within his own rigid sets of rules and ethics?

I am sure you are thinking now, well hell Dusty, why are people voting for Newt? Newt has issues with the truth & ethics and there is that whole thing with his warped family values too. The man just has a ton of baggage. So why would anyone vote for him?

The people who vote for Newt are those who hate or fear anyone who does not have their same pasty white skin color and refuse to deal with change. Newt is the polar opposite of President Obama. He is white, older, overweight, married multiple times, fiery personality aka a bully, he is the master in the ‘politics as usual’ game and his middle name is Leroy. How much more common can you get than with a middle name than of Leroy? Again no offense to anyone named Leroy or anyone who knows someone named Leroy. 

Newt is was master politician of his time, but that time has passed. I would have used the title of fly by night used car salesman but I didn’t want to offend any fly by night used car sales people out there by comparing them to Newt. I firmly believe that if Newt had not been run out office in 1999 he would still be in Congress today or had retired from Congress by now.

Average Americans generally don’t hold grudges for long so almost all of Newt’s ethics baggage is pretty much water under the bridge since it was 1999 when he was booted out of office. Multiple marriages and affairs while in office or out of office is par for the course for politicians and some Americans. However there has been an increase in race baiting and bullying since 2008 and quite frankly those who vote for Newt or support Newt cannot stand the thought of a bi-racial man as President of the United States. 

I am refusing to call President Obama a black man from this point forward because he is in fact a bi-racial man and I am sick to death of the racism that is once again running rampant in our county. To continually refer to President Obama as a black man discounts his white roots and his white heritage and places the focus on half the man not the whole man.

The people who vote for and support Newt are those who continue whine that President Obama is in a bubble and he doesn’t connect with the American people. That President Obama is too controlled and does not make use of the ‘bully pulpit’. Notice those two words ‘bully’ and ‘pulpit’? Yep those are the folks who will vote for Newt. Those who want a bully in office and those who failed to comprehend the separation of church and state.  

So while Calista Gingrich has contacted Nancy Reagan's stylist to assist her with revamping her image from one of the much younger third wife (wonder when they'll confess she is much older than 45) to an image of one worthy of an elder statesmen's third spouse it will be money ill spent as all that glitters is not gold and Newt will soon to be another failed politician.  

The world of politics has changed since 1999 and while Newt is digging in his old bag of tricks from the past, his biggest cheerleaders are Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. One a failed politician who has yet to meet a thought she can articulate coherently or correctly and a one a failed candidate who has the morals of an old dinged up alley cat.  Can't see anything wrong there can you? To the Moon Newt...To the Moon and Godspeed. 

Happy One Year Anniversary PoliticalGates! 

My gift to you is an awesome positive campaign ad that will bring a smile to your face. May this brighten the day of those who have been or who are currently being bombarded with the negative attacks ads that are the product of the republican party and their superpacs. 

Sarah Palin sooooooo did not want to go back to Alaska. Glimpse the meltdown and the awful, dawning realisation by the campaign staff and John McCain that Palin is nuts. Trailer for the film Game Change h/t to Carriesblank.




Remember how Sarah reacted when she was asked about the upcoming HBO movie...?

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