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"When Mitt Romney Came To Town" - A film By Pro-Gingrich SuperPAC "Winning Our Future" - UPDATE: Surprising "Open Letter" by the SuperPAC to Mitt Romney

By Kathleen

The campaign against Mitt Romney is intensifying. As part of a massive advertising campaign a pro Newt Gingrich PAC has released a 28 minute film portraying Mitt Romney as a cold hearted corporate raider with little regard for the people who worked for the companies that he controlled. The film is titled "When Mitt Romney Came To Town."  

Watch the full 28 minute film on youtube:

Be sure to watch the segment at 8 minutes in when the film discusses the closing down of popular toy chain KayBeeToys which Romney called "creative destruction". Romney and others made $120,000,000 while 15,000 people lost their jobs. 

Newt's campaign against Romney's record as a "fat-cat"  is a copycat rerun of the successful campaign by Senator Edward Kennedy in 1994 to save his seat from a challenge by Romney. 

According to a New York Times article:

 "In 1994, Mr. Romney learned first hand the power of a negative attack on private equity. 

That year, he started his political career by running for the Senate and challenging Senator Edward M. Kennedy. He promoted his record of job creation and building businesses at Bain. 

Mr. Kennedy turned the tables on Mr. Romney by focusing on American Pad & Paper, or Ampad, a company that, under Bain’s ownership, shed factory jobs and cut wages. The Massachusetts senator played television ads featuring laid-off Ampad employees, even though those layoffs occurred after Mr. Romney left Bain.

Mr. Romney later acknowledged that he was unprepared for Mr. Kennedy’s private equity assault.“He characterized me as a coldhearted, unfeeling robber baron,” Mr. Romney said at the time, in an interview with The Boston Globe."

A "cold hearted, unfeeling robber baron" who believes that people who question the distribution of wealth in America are motivated by feelings of "envy" and "class warfare". Color me surprised, Mr Romney.

If you cannot watch the full 28 minute version then here is the trailer:

Expect to see many more advertisements in this vein. The PAC supporting Gingrich was recently endowed with $5,000,000 by another fat-cat, Sheldon Adelstein, a Vegas casino mogul. Winning our Future is staffed by Gingrich's long term aides.

We mustn't forget that Newt is the type of benevolent capitalist who wants poor kids to clean bathrooms and mop floors.

UPDATE: Hat tip to Honesty in Gov.

In a Come to Jesus Moment Sarah Palin advises Mitt Romney that he should release his Tax Records. David Shuster standing in for Keith Olbermann at Countdown explains why Mitt wants to hide his tax returns. All I can add is that Sarah Palin has a nerve advising anyone to release documents. Where's Trig's Birth Certificate, Sarah!



In a surprising turn of events, the pro-Gingrich "Winning our future" SuperPAC now sent the following open letter to Mitt Romney: 

Paid for by Winning Our Future

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 


January 13, 2012

Dear Governor Romney,

Today, the Washington Post reviewed the video “King of Bain.” The review seems to rest itscase on the “fact” that you left Bain to run the Winter Olympic Games in 1999. This date nowlooms important since the media has questioned facts stated in the video asserting that you couldnot have done much if any of the terrible things portrayed because you were not at Bain past1999.

I personally reviewed all documentation, video, transcripts, government documents, mediareports and other research that went into the making of this video prior to agreeing to purchasethe distribution rights. I found the documentation to be in order and comprehensive.

We want the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have seen this video in the past two daysto be aware of any discrepancies that may exist between the video and your version of the facts.

Therefore, we will agree to revise our ads and/or the video to reflect any errors that may bepresent in the current version of the video. To do this, however, we respectfully request youanswer a few questions that might help guide our review.

1. When did you leave Bain for good – full time or part time?

2. When did you relinquish controlling interest in Bain, any Bain projects or Bain funds?

3. When did you resign as the CEO?

4. When was the last Bain document submitted to the government denoting you as an executiveat Bain?

5. When did you receive the final check from Bain for any investment in which you had and interest?

We are certain you would like to clear up this matter quickly. We will await your response andstand committed to address any discrepancies. Hearing no response, we will assume you canoffer no evidence of errors and we will continue to stand by the film as presented. 

 Kind regards and best of luck,

Gregg Phillips 

 Managing DirectorWinning Our Future PAC

(h/t alwaysthink)

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