Friday, January 6, 2012

What Exactly Is Rick Santorum's Frothy Mix? Santorum Booed in New Hampshire

By Kathleen

Rick Santorum bows his head in prayer during a campaign rally in Iowa this week. Courtesy of CNN
Relax! I am not actually going to go there (well maybe I just did) but I am going to direct you to an article written by the comedian Dean Obeidallah which posits the view that there is more than one Rick Santorum. The problem is that the mainstream media up, until very recently, has by and large ignored Santorum and so not too much is known about him and his more extreme beliefs that he would like to impose on the American public. So what exactly is Rick's frothy mix of views and why is it important to understand them?

There are two Rick Santorums: The first one I might not agree with, but the second one truly scares me.
"Santorum One" pushes for less government regulation for corporations and shrinking the federal government. You may or may not agree with these positions, but they are both mainstream conservative fare.
Then there's "Santorum Two." This Santorum wants to impose conservative Christian law upon America. Am I being hyperbolic or overly dramatic with this statement? I wish I were, but I'm not.
Obeidallah then goes on to explain the type of nation that the United States might be under what he defines as "Santorum's Sharia law".  Please be sure to read the entire article.

It's my view that Rick Santorum is unelectable, even if he did tie with Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucus. For instance he still doesn't have the financial backing that the other candidates enjoy and this may prove a problem as the campaign continues. Of course, in the fickle world of politics this may change and his stance on issues such as abortion and contraception in particular must be stood up against. What is also important is the fact that Santorum's unstable views regarding church and state are dangerous because as Obeidallah explains they present "an existential threat to the separation of church and state, one of the bedrock principles of our nation since inception."

Leah Burton at God's Own Party published an article which explains what Dominionism is from a number of differing perspectives. It's quite a comprehensive piece but I certainly recommend it to anyone interested in knowing what dangers the views of people like Rick Santorum actually present to the idea of the USA being a secular state. You can read more here.

The good news regarding Santorum is that he is not receiving a warm welcome in New Hampshire. As I wrote earlier -- He's unelectable.

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