Saturday, May 7, 2011

Exclusive live reports, video and pictures from Levi Johnston's 21st birthday party at Chateau Nightclub - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

By Leadfoot_LA

*** Read part two - exclusive interview with Levi Johnston! ***

...unless it gets shared exclusively with PoliticalGates readers!

The life of a part time blogger can be rough. All that sitting in our parents' basements, watching Sarah Palin's bumbling TV appearances and ironing our tinfoil hats. Sometimes a girl just needs to cut loose. So I decided to take one for the team and head to Las Vegas to attend Levi Johnston's 21st birthday bash.

I dragged my friends Racheal and Heather along with promises of a free hotel room, debauchery and Levi Johnston's radiating hotness. We arrived in Vegas late this afternoon and headed to the hotel to beautify.

Technically Levi could be my son, if I had him at the same age Bristol had Trig. But that wasn't going to stop me from trying my best to flirt the truth out of him. So I put on my red stilettos and tiniest dress and off we went to the new Chateau nightclub at Paris, Las Vegas.

Here are a few early pictures from the red carpet. I'm heading into the VIP room to chat with Levi and will post an update and more pictures as soon as I have recovered.



UPDATE - by Patrick:

Not only did our girl fly to Vegas with her friends just to meet Levi Johnston, she also was given a coveted spot on the red carpet at Chateau Nightclub and a VIP-invitation, as an accredited journalist for Politicalgates!

Below you will find the first pictures, and I can already announce that we have a taped interview with Levi as well which we will put up soon!


Click on pictures to enlarge:

The girls on the way to the club

Leadfoot_LA's coveted spot on the red carpet

The red carpet

The tip sheet

Levi on the red carpet

Levi and Tank on the red carpet

More to follow soon!



We don't know yet what Bristol thinks about the whole thing, but we do know that she has morphed into Snookie in the meantime:

Many thanks to Teutonic 13 for the picture!

I made my own comparison - while many journalists still wonder whether Bristol's magical transformation is due to "weight loss" or plastic surgery, here is a comparison with photos from May 2010 - taken when she had just the same weight as today:



Leadfoot_LA conducted an interview with Levi! Here are screenshots:

Doesn't he look happy?

We will put up the full interview later. We can already reveal the following message from Leadfoot_LA:

I told him I was with politicalgates & what we do. Asked if we would like his book or love it. He said "YOU WILL LOVE IT. I promise you it will be a best seller."


Leadfoot_LA discovered that you can have bottles of champagne for up to $ 75,000 in the Chateau nightclub - some people seem to have too much money:



The party is in full swing - DJ Casanova just wished Levi Johnston a Happy Birthday:


Last update for today:

Leadfoot left the club with her friends at 3am after she had done a terrific job for Politicalgates and also had a lot of fun. Unfortunately she didn't get the chance to speak to Levi again, as he was very well "protected."

Leadfoot did however pick up some news. Levi is still running for mayor, and the election will be in October. His book is scheduled to be published at the end of September, and he hasn't finished writing it yet.

One last picture from Leadfoot after she had left the club:

Good night everyone, and certainly will receive Leadfoot's final report and the tape of the interview quite soon!


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