Thursday, May 21, 2015

In a new interview, Sarah Palin declares that she will run for President...or maybe not, who knows? Todd, do you know? Todd, I am talking to you??? UPDATE: Cassandra Wain divorced Dakota Meyer because he displayed troubling signs of PTSD

By Patrick

We have had so much entertainment during the last few weeks, so let's get some more where this came from, shall we.

Sarah Palin has turned the "act of teasing to run for President" into an art form, and now we are being offered another version of "I might just run! Maybe, well, you don't know!", because it's apparently such a hit show!

Last Saturday website "Extra TV" conducted an interview with Sarah Palin on the historic battleship USS Iowa, which is anchored in Los Angeles. On Monday, the website published the part of the interview which dealt with the cancelled marriage between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer.

Today, Extra TV published another part of the interview, in which they ask Sarah what she thinks about the Republican presidential candidates so far, and whether she will run for President herself.

Well, her answer developed into one of her very famous word salads, and it is almost admirable how she at first made it seem that she REALLY MAYBE will run for President. However, after being put on the spot by the reporter, she then immediately took it all back again, leaving everybody confused, although some of her fans will be overjoyed, without any doubt. Doesn't it sound like she will run? Doesn't it???

Sarah's main "job" these days is trying to attract donors to SarahPAC, and she really tries to go all the way. Yes, MAYBE she will run, and like she says, "NOW IS THE TIME" to make "SACRIFICES", to "PUT YOURSELF FORWARD"....if, well if it wasn't such a "huge commitment", and if there weren't all these things in the way, like "family", "time" and "resources", as Sarah helpfully explains.

Also, Todd, standing next to her, is of no help at all.

Go to the page of Extra TV to watch the clip, as it is not possible to embed it.

Typically Sarah truly is a "hot mess", as our readers like to call her.
Her word-salad sing-sang voice is truly unique, we give her that. She truly is the Sarah Palin of all the Sarah Palin's in the world.

The Palin-fans, they need to be kept happy, and they desperately need to open their wallets.

Yes, "commensense conservatives", give your money to Sarah, she really, really needs it!!!

OK, what is missing here? Oh yes, a screenshot from the interview! And what a screenshot that is! Please make good use of it, folks!


We are having way too much fun again:


The Daily Mail  today revealed that a close friend of Dakota Meyer's ex Cassandra Wain divorced him because he was displaying signs of PTSD. 

This information will come as no surprise to those of us who are aware that after his return from his first tour of duty in Iraq Dakota was already drinking so heavily that he was told to "knock it off" by his Platoon Sargeant. (Into The Fire, Meyer and West, pgs 41, 42)

Ms Wain is said to have been upset by Meyer's display of troubling PTSD symptoms and that she was "lonely" and felt "stuck" on Hawaii when Meyer was deployed back to Iraq almost "immediately after the marriage".

You can read the rest of the details here.

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