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The weekend of the posers: While Sarah Palin "celebrates life" with Dakota Meyer in Kentucky, Bristol Palin spends a "getaway weekend" with her best friend, aspiring "exotic model" Marina Lupas, and they all like the world to know what they are doing! - UPDATE: The Daily Mail has the scoop with photos from the "re-branded" wedding/BBQ!

By Patrick

This is going to be a nice juicy post, and despite the fact that it contains "private pictures", there will be no invasion of privacy for the simple reason that all participants have been way too happy to let us know what they are doing by purposefully making their photos available to the whole world via the internet.

I am writing this post while I am simultaneously watching an absolutely beautiful documentary on TV about Yellowstone National Park. Who says that men are not able to multitask!

OK, so we have a famous family here, the Palin-family, who desperately needs to pretend in public that they are a conservative, God-fearing family. We know all about it, as we watched these people for years and also know quite a lot of their many, many secrets. While the interest of the public has waned considerably over the years, the Palins still know how to earn a buck. Sometimes, however, things don't go as planned.

Bristol and Sarah thought they they could get themselves a glittery, shining military medal, but they would soon learn that they had forgotten to "vet" the "vet." It was the bloggers who took the time to take a closer look at Dakota Meyer, and with the help of their readers discovered that Dakota not only had another girl-friend right up until December 2014, but that he also had a "secret wife", which he had hidden from the public and also had purged from his autobiography.

So the wedding was cancelled, the relationship between Bristol and Dakota looks like it is over, but in a desperate attempt to save face, Sarah Palin announced that the the families still want to "celebrate life" together in Kentucky on Saturday, May 23.

Sarah Palin, not wanting to upset the military community (which is supposedly her main "core fan base", and therefore invaluable) actually visited Kentucky yesterday. It was our impression that the Palins had possibly sold the wedding to "People Magazine", but surprise, Fox News has apparently stepped in:

Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal tweeted from the event:

Rick Leventhal apparently forgot to add "Big fat liar" to his description in the above tweet...

In any case, all we can see are Sarah, Dakota and a pretty empty tent.

So where is Bristol?

In an almost comical twist, Bristol Palin is very keen to let the world know that she "celebrates life" on a "getaway weekend" in Alaska - together with her new best friend, the "exotic (erotic) model" Marina Lupas, who has quite aggressively marketed herself across the internet.

From Marina's Instagram:

From Marina's twitter:

Bristol also posted some photos of the trip on instagram.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

At this time Tripp is staying with his father Levi Johnston, and his wife Sunny. Tripp is having a great time with his father, as usual.

Marina Lupas and Bristol Palin have been friends for a long time, as has been documented through many photos that each of them has posted on the internet.

However, Marina's profession may raise some eyebrows. She markets herself as an "exotic model" on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt what that actually means:

Her twitter:

Some photos Marina posted only recently on the twitter:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:


Earlier photos of Marina with Bristol - Seattle airport in February 2015:

More pictures of Bristol and Marina:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

OK, why am I posting this? Well, for the usual reasons: It's time again for some honesty!

If Bristol and Marina have found each other, well, good for them! Friends are important!

However, Bristol still markets herself in public as a faithful Christian girl, with a hugely hypocritical autobiography, and a blog, both ghostwritten by the fundamentalist Christian Nancy French.

(however, notably, Bristol's blog hasn't been updated since May 16th, 2015)

Christianity sells as well, you know?

While Bristol Palin does not hesitate to boast about "religious beliefs" in public...

...her private life (or "secret" life, to be more precise) has always been very different.

While the Palins will continue to pander to their Christian and military base in public, their real life has little to do with their public image, and it was always like this.

Therefore I feel that it's time for some truth.

By the way, we do not judge Marina Lupas for her line of employment. At least she presents herself in public in an honest manner.

Anyway: Bristol, here's some advice!

Also, try to be more careful in the future! If you must have a celebrity/hero type as a future husband you should read his autobiographies first. In Dakota's case, this would have been very insightful, as his intense descriptions of killing people, killing animals as a child, alcohol abuse and ignoring the advice of doctors despite suffering from PTSD would have urged at least some caution. 

Especially when you expose a vulnerable child to yet another "daddy".

If not for yourself but for Tripp please spend a little time and effort to "vet" the "vet" next time.

But for now, let's celebrate life! It is even more pleasant without hypocrisy and false pretences.

Bristol, maybe Marina Lupas could vet your next guy first! She definitely seems qualified.



OK, so Rick Leventhal from Fox News covers the event with Sarah in Kentucky, "celebrating life", without Bristol (see his tweets above).

Why him?

Kathleen googled him, and discovered that Rick is uniquely qualified to cover the cancelled wedding!

Rick Leventhal was once engaged to a journalist called Lauren Sivan. Back then, she worked with Fox News.

Guess what happened?

On a celebrity website, we found the following information:

Lauren is not married, but she was once engaged with her long-time boyfriend Rick Leventhal. They got engaged in September 2005. They were due to get married in 2006, but they called off the wedding a week before it took place, owing to some unforeseen circumstances. Apart from her news reporting skills, she is also widely considered to be one of the funniest reporters around. Her wit and humour has been the talk of the town, and one of the main points on her show that makes her stand out from the crowd. She was ranked the “Funniest News Reporter” in 2010.

The New York Daily News provided more information:

Breaking up is hard to do - especially right before Valentine's Day. But at least two high-profile couples have shattered their romances: budding real- estate mogul Ivanka Trump and socialite and sometime movie producer Bingo Gubelman - who split after 31/2 years. And Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal and News 12 reporter Lauren Sivan - who were supposed to have gotten married on Saturday. "We broke up a month ago," the 24-year-old Trump told Lowdown yesterday. "But we're very good friends. Prior to that, I was in another long-term relationship. For now, I'm just enjoying being single.

" The 25-year-old Gubelman - who was a producer on the 2003 documentary "Born Rich," in which Ivanka appeared - couldn't be reached for comment yesterday. Apparently he's been focused on renovating his huge SoHo bachelor pad. "He started the apartment while we were together," Trump said. "I think it will be done in a few more months.

" Meanwhile, the 46-year-old Leventhal and the 27-year-old Silvan canceled their wedding just a week before the date. The cable-news blog FTV Live theorized: "Apparently, Rick and the boys went to Las Vegas ... for his bachelor party and it's possible that what happens in Vegas did not necessarily stay there this time around.

" Leventhal denied that. "Our canceling the wedding had nothing to do with my bachelor party or her bachelorette weekend. We just decided to wait.

" But Sivan isn't on the market, Leventhal insisted. "We're still very much together. We went to South Beach together for a few days last week. We spend every possible minute together and that will absolutely continue.

" Still, he conceded, "We're returning everyone's gifts.

Lauren Sivan and Rick Leventhal

Therefore, the marriage never did take place, although according to Rick Leventhal, it was merely postponed. That was in February 2006. You do the math!

In July 2014 it was reported that Lauren Sivan is still unmarried, and is also "living a happy and satisfied life with her parents in Los Angles, California."

Her twitter can be found here, and here is her instagram. Her handle is "idiotsivan", which may or may not be "a pun" in regard to past events.



Here is a nice shot of Marina Lupas and Bristol, with Sarah and Todd in the background, taken when they made the fun trip to Las Vegas, where Bristol eventually met Dakota Meyer.

(h/t HIG & KAO)

From Bristol's instagram:



Here is a promo-video from Marina Lupas:

She also has an "unfinished" website, in which she gives some more details.



The Daily Mail sent a photographer to Kentucky, and they got the scoop with the photos from the "re-branded" wedding, and they also observed that Sarah Palin and Dakota Meyer had a "heated exchange."

The Daily Mail also makes some additional good points, similar to what we have been saying here as well:

The bizarre set of circumstances mean't that while the former vice presidential candidate hung out with her daughter's ex-fiance and ex-Marine Dakota Meyer and his family in Kentucky, Bristol made a very public showing of her non-attendance by posting a series of photos of her enjoying a 'weekend getaway' back in Alaska with her best friend who is an exotic model.

Sarah Palin had taken to Facebook last Monday to reveal that her 24-year-old daughter would not be marrying Meyer as previously planned just days after accusations emerged that the 26-year-old Marine had covered up a 'secret wife' he had married at 19 and then legally divorced.

Despite the cancellation, the former vice presidential candidate confirmed a celebration would still be held on May 23 and both families would be gathering for a barbecue at Meyer's Kentucky farm.

'This Kentucky farm is a beautiful setting for our friends and families to gather in celebration of life itself this Memorial Day weekend,' wrote Palin. 'Nothing is more precious to us than family, faith and America's freedom.'

But the 'celebration of life' appears to have quite heated at one point as this photograph showing Sarah Palin raising her finger in what appears to be a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to have become her son-in-law.

Days earlier Meyer had put out his own statement on Facebook page around the same time as the elder Palin and bearing striking similarities to her message, suggesting a concerted public relations offensive.

But if both sides were supposed to be maintaining a united front someone forgot to tell Bristol. She was absent from the 'celebration of life' in Kentucky and instead spent the weekend posting photos of her enjoying a 'getaway weekend' back home in Atlanta (typo by Daily Mail - "Alaska"). Sarah Palin makes a big issue of her family's supposed belief in traditional Christian family values, but after the embarassment of a cancelled wedding Bristol's choice of friend for her trip - 'exotic model and video vixen' Marina Lupas - was the last thing the family's tarnished image needed.

Lupas aggressively markets herself as an 'exotic model' on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt about what she means. She and Bristol are long time friends and they spent the weekend enjoying the outdoors and driving an RV.

Photos from the family barbecue in Kentucky suggest Bristol didn't miss much with only about 100 people showing up.

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