Thursday, May 28, 2015

Open Post - New Jersey Media Group Inc v Palin et al. - UPDATE: Bristol Palin Back in Alaska - UPDATE 2: Bristol Palin goes on another road trip

By Kathleen

Several readers have asked for an update on the court case between the New Jersey Media Group Inc and Sarah Palin. The Jersey based newspaper is suing Sarah Palin and her SarahPac for copy right infringement over its unpermitted  use of the iconic picture depicting firemen lifting the American flag over the debris of the World Trade Center after the 9/11 tragedy. 

On May 6th, Mark Falk, the Magistrate judge presiding over the case, ordered that there should be an "in person" conference before him on May 26th.

Unfortunately, according to our source, there’s nothing new in the court dockets since this order was entered on May 6th. Also, the order does not answer the question of whether or not Palin actually needed to attend.  

Here’s the text of the order:

"ORDERED that there shall be an in-person conference before the Undersigned on May 26, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. at the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, 1 Federal Square, Fourth Floor, Room 457, Newark, New Jersey." 

Hopefully there will be more information entered into the docket soon.

If I were Sarah I wouldn't want this issue dragging on and on like this. I would have wanted it resolved asap especially as it could have been a more or less distant memory by now. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin appears to be more concerned about the loss of her so called political clout than signing off on an all but signed agreement.  Can you imagine a country run by Sarah Palin? It would be chaos every day.

Here is a link to the original court order. We will upload the documents this evening.


Tripp Johnston photo taken from Bristol Palin's public Instagram

Tripp's getting very handsome and healthy looking. Unfortunately I see more disruptions ahead for him because I think that Bristol will consider any agreement over his care null and void now that she has announced that she is back living permanently in Alaska with him. Additionally I doubt that she will live with Sarah for too much longer as she made a tidy profit when she sold her house and now she has the cash to move on. I've had several reports that Bristol has been seen getting in and out of a brand new, very expensive car in Anchorage. Still buying expensive toys to fill the emotional gap so not much appears to have changed with her.


Our reader, Snowblondie has some news for us! Bristol's cousin, Kandice Palma, sent out the following message yesterday evening:

sweetplumcreations I won't be sewing anything this week as I make a 4300 mile journey with my family back to Alaska #roadtrippin #makinmemories #nonstop @jbender907 @bsmp2 5h 

Photo taken from Kandice Palma's sweetplumcreations public Instagram

Bristol is on yet another road trip! This time from the old Kentucky Farm to Wasilla.
As snowblondie noted in her comment Bristol has called on the support of her cousins Kandice and Jake Bender to help her collect her designer shoe collection and other expensive belongings from her one month stay at the Dakota Meyer farm in Kentucky. 

Notably absent is her mother, Sarah Palin, and her brother, Track Palin. Why didn't they help Bristol collect her things when they were at the Old Kentucky Farm at the weekend? Why aren't they there now, cheerfully helping her? Why does Bristol have to rely on the support of her cousins rather than her immediate family? Could it be that Sarah is "secretly" furious that Bristol has refused to go along with any more of Sarah's scheming and has lost the support of "Big Mama"? Was Dakota present? Does he still think that Bristol is "his world"? Will Sarah ever forgive Bristol? Find out in next weeks coming episode of "As God's Plan Turns".

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