Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Easter, everybody! - Also, we have another Disqus-problem - Open Post - UPDATE: The Disqus-problem has been solved!

By Patrick

Happy Easter, everybody! Just a short post - and I don't want start talking about politics at the moment. I need a little break from the daily insanity, and Easter is a good time for that.

As some people have certainly noticed, we have quite a serious new Disqus-problem. It does not seem to affect everybody, but on our computers, we cannot see the actual comments any more. Just on one computer, with Firefox, I can see them, but not with Chrome or any other browser. On the other laptop, we cannot see the comments at all. Very mysterious!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. We haven't changed anything, and I do hope that Disqus will resolve this problem soon.

Kathleen and I have visited my parents, and we had a very enjoyable time with them. My mother has put up some very nice Easter decorations, which we thought we would share with you.

Have a good time, and please chat away in the comments.



We have very good news! The pesky "Disqus-problem" has been solved, at least for now.

This is what happened:

For quite a long time already, "Blogger" sends visitors from different countries to sites with different "country-codes", so to speak. If a reader comes from the USA and arrives at "Politicalgates", the reader sees the ".com" ending. A reader from the UK sees "", from Germany ".de", and so on.

So far this never affected Disqus, but a few days ago, everything got messed up. The US-readers could now only read the comments from US-readers, and could not see the other comments, and the visitors from "outside" could also not see the US-comments. As I said, a real mess.

This has been discussed today on the internal Disqus discussion forum...

...and fortunately, an easy solution has been found, which is being explained in this post.

Basically, you have to insert a code into your blogger template, and the blog will then always redirect to the ".com" domain, which again creates an "unified" comment section, just like it has always been the case.

It is not complicated - follow the instruction on this page, and look for the "head" tag in your blogger template, which appears after about 20 lines. After the "head" tag, you have to paste the additional code. Just press enter and copy and paste the short additional HTML-code which is being provided in the article mentioned above into your blogger template, after the "head" tag. Then save the template, and that's it!

So it seems that we can now enjoy the comments together again, hopefully without any further glitches!

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