Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Make Donald Drumpf Again! - John Oliver presents a brilliant report which mercilessly exposes Donald Trump, and it is huge fun to watch as well! It also comes complete with "Donald Drumpf" online-shop and "Drumpfinator" Chrome extension!

Meet Donald Drumpf, he is everywhere

By Patrick

Well, this crazy presidential election in 2016 is at least good for two things: First, great political comedy, and second, people in the USA finally understand how Adolf Hitler came to power.

As far as political comedy is concerned, British comedian John Oliver delivered the ultimate slam dunk on Donald Trump/Drumpf. John Oliver is doing now what Jon Stewart should have been doing, but I get the impression that Jon Stewart is "burned out", so to speak, and for this reason stopped hosting the "Daily Show." Thankfully, his former "apprentice" John Oliver now rises to the occasion.

John Oliver wants the world to "Make Donald Drumpf again", and even if you are sick of Donald I. of the Americas, you have to watch this segment, it is brilliant and huge fun at the same time:

For many years now, US politics have been so messed up that only comedians have been able to find the proper words for the craziness and the absurdity of the situation, and John Oliver delivers.

But there is even more!

There is a shiny new website where you can buy two versions of a great baseball cap:

Then, there is the "Drumpfinator" Chrome extension! If you use Google Chrome, you simply go the the Chrome Store, search for "Drumpfinator" and install the extension.  

Then "Trump" magically turns to "Drumpf", and the world suddenly appears in a new light.

(You can then of course also uninstall the extension very easily again.)

Drumpf is so unpopular, so unpredictable, such anathema to how politics is run that he surely would be a terrible general election electorate, they argue. But these were the same things many said about Drumpf's chances of success in the Republican primary. And Drumpf proved them all wrong.

So I will say this: If you are someone who does not want Donald Drumpf to become president of the United States, stop rooting for him to get closer to becoming president of the United States.

Much as people had to grapple with the notion that Drumpf can get the nomination, they must also grapple with this fact: There is a chance that he will win the presidency.

It is irresponsible to root for Drumpf to get closer to the presidency if you think he's bad for the country

Some liberals and Democrats are pro-Drumpf because they think Donald Drumpf would be a better president than the other Republicans pursuing the nomination for president. (Those people include Vox's Matt Yglesias.) But many liberals and Democrats are pro-Drumpf because they think he's a weaker candidate in the general election than, say, Marco Rubio, and therefore his nomination makes it more likely that Hillary Clinton (or even Bernie Sanders) will be the 45th president of the United States.

It is this second type of person that I have an issue with. It is irresponsible to root for the victory of someone you genuinely believe is the worst option to run the US. Because as unlikely as you may think a Drumpf victory is, it is absolutely possible. It is, in fact, more likely than you think.

It's playing Russian roulette, but with democracy.

As you can see, I made the Donald Drumpf again.

Thank God one-thousand times for John Oliver!

Finally, check out the new hashtag for twitter, which has become extremely popular already:


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