Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's comedy time: More cartoons about Donald the Drumpf, and brilliant clips with Stephen Colbert - UPDATE: Today, Sarah Palin provided the best comedy with her "speech" in Wisconsin!

By Patrick

Like it or not, Donald Trump continues to dominate the headlines. It's just like a reality show: What stupid, insulting, demeaning, moronic or revolting statement will the Donald make today? How will the media react? How will the GOP react? What will his opponents say? Can he still be stopped, and if so, how? Will Trump say something stupid, or just tweet it? What journalist will be beaten up next? Will somebody get killed in the end? So many questions, and a lot of time to discuss them, on TV, the internet and on social media.

Let's focus on the comical side of this spectacle again. It's just the best way to survive the insanity. Here are more very nice cartoons:

In addition, here are some brilliant clips with Stephen Colbert:

Published today, on March 31:

Published in March 15:

Published on March 1:

BONUS - who else was there? Of course, John Oliver!

Well, this should be enough for now! One day, the insanity will be gone, promised! :-)



Today, Sarah Palin gave a "speech" on behalf of Donald Trump in Wisconsin, but it was of course her usual mix of talking gibberish and trying to be folksy at the same time.

But the fact that she gave the speech in front of an "establishment" GOP audience made it particularly embarrassing as well as amusing. The members of the audience looked dazed and confused, and gave only very mild applause.

Here is the video, but be warned, there is no reason, no logic, no intelligent thought to be found anywhere - it is just very sad and confusing:

My IQ dropped at least five points while watching this "speech", so I am sorry iv ju du nod anderstand miiiii ani mure....

Twitter virtually exploded with negative comments about Palin's speech, for example:




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