Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The USA will now face the ultimate test - My thoughts for the weekend

By Patrick

"The racists and the white supremacists never had anybody they could vote for, now they do."
(Quote by Kathleen, 5 minutes ago)

The time has come to find out how strong US democracy really is. A right-wing extremist candidate who successfully disguised himself as a Republican will soon be crowned the GOP-candidate for the most important position in the world, and we all witnessed how this happened, and who is to blame. As was already apparent when Sarah Palin became a political "star" eight years ago, the US media is ill-equipped to deal with extreme candidates. For the media, it's entertainment first, and politics second. Donald Trump undoubtedly provides great entertainment. It should therefore come as no surprise that the media grants interviews to Donald Trump on a daily basis.

The problem is that a large part of the US population now believes that the madman Donald Trump is actually a viable candidate. How many Americans really believe that, remains to be seen, however, the number is certainly growing rapidly. Donald Trump exploited the media far better than his GOP-opponents, and they paid the price. He needed to spend very little on advertisement, because he usually received it for free, courtesy of the gracious US media.

There the USA will now face the ultimate test. If things go the wrong way, then political and economical chaos will follow. It is virtually impossible to imagine the horrific consequences of a Trump-presidency.

One might think that it is impossible that Donald Trump becomes President of the United States. I am far from certain, because "radical" ideas, once they become "mainstream", can develop a very special attraction. Well, a "fatal attraction", so to speak. Easy solutions for simple minds. And let's face it, there are a lot of "simple minds", everywhere, in every country! Why listen to complicated policy ideas when you can just "build a wall"....?

One of the worst things is the fact that Donald Trump has so far been pretty successful by being an obnoxious and racist bully, who openly encouraged violence against protesters, and who has no hesitation to insult and demean his opponents. Nobody was really prepared for that, and nobody has found the antidote yet. Now it will be Hillary's task to save the world. I can only wish her lots of luck, because she will need it.

Kathleen and I will be away over the weekend - have a great weekend, and have fun commenting, everybody!



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