Saturday, March 12, 2016

Protesters force Donald Trump to cancel campaign rally in Chicago, fights break out between protesters, Trump supporters and the police - Donald Trump's "campaign of hate" is bearing fruit

By Patrick

Something is changing in the USA, I think we can all feel it. After many years of listening quietly, the brainwashed massed finally found their pick. His name is Donald Trump. We might call him a lunatic or a clown, but he is rapidly achieving a pretty important goal: Causing chaos. Why should this be his goal, you might ask? Because chaos can only be of benefit for him. If there is chaos, you need a strong man to "fix it." In the mind of his followers, this man is the Donald. Through inciting hatred over and over again against protesters at his rallies, the inevitable is happening: People are getting angrier, on both sides, and violence suddenly becomes reality.

Just as the Nazis "saved" Germany in 1933 from the chaos they created themselves, Donald Trump will now say: I am the only one who will restore law and order.

Here is a short, good documentary about Hitler's rise to power:

Here is a longer, excellent British documentary, focusing on Adolf Hitler, the person.

Episode 2 here.


Trump does not believe that the right to protest needs to be protected.

Donald Trump's rally in Chicago had to be cancelled today because protesters basically took over the floor. Astonishing as well as frightening scenes occurred. I fear that at some point a gun will be pulled and somebody will get shot. The consequences would be catastrophic. By encouraging his supporters to beat protesters as well as openly presenting himself as a white supremacist, Trump is definitely responsible for this new and dramatic development. But could these events give him an advantage? This remains to be seen. I do not believe however that this is impossible.

My feeling is that Donald Trump's provocations are calculated, and that he hopes for an angry response. This being said, it surely is important to protest against a man who clearly wants to be a dictator, and who loathes the freedoms which are being protected in a democracy, like a free press and the right to protest.

Here are clips from the protests:



CLIP 2a:




In an interview with Don Lemon on CNN, who was asking good questions, Donald Trump denies that it was him who was causing the violence, and naturally, he does not regret anything he said about protesters in the past, that they should be beaten etc. He falsely claims that the protesters were the ones who were being violent during his rallies in the past, and then makes up some stories to bolster his claim, after being challenged by Don Lemon.



THERE IS SOMETHING NEW: There are now also "360 degree videos" on youtube, where you can zoom around in the video! 

Somebody made such a video during the protests in Chicago - you are just right in the midst of the action:

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