Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bachmann, Perry, Palin Overdrive -- Part One

By Kathleen

On Saturday Michelle Bachmann "won" the straw poll at Ames by buying more votes than any other candidate. Also on Saturday, Rick Perry, as predicted by none other than Alex Jones, announced that he was joining several other declared GOP candidates who had put themselves forward as the next great white GOP hope who can fix the economy. The day before, Sarah Palin, urged on by a black tempered, blackberry wielding Todd, continued her one person campaign against anyone and everyone in the media, when she took a cheap and ill thought shot at a journalist for something that he did not write. (Sarah dump Todd, he's not doing you any favours.)

The media, as to be expected, is saturated with news regarding the three. We have learned, for instance, that Perry, like Palin, received a "D" in economics. That Perry in 2007 mandated the anti cancer vaccinations of young Texan girls and that facing scrutiny walked back his decision when he made the decision to run. We also learned that one of Bachmann's staffers was arrested in Uganda in 2006 for terrorism.

Bachmann, Perry and Palin share many views. However, the most dangerous of their shared views is their united belief that America has strayed away from God and that only a return to a society governed by God's law can save it. They are each of them determined to take America in the direction of being run under Biblical traditions.

In the following video Perry talks to his "prayer partner" James Robison about the fact that he agrees with Robison that America is going through economic crisis because the USA's mistake today is

"looking towards Government as though it is God. As though it is all provident and that it is the one that is going to take care of us and that it is reminiscent of what happened to Israel when they found themselves literally so into bondage to Pharoah because they were facing some challenges. And it looks to me like when we get into trouble Government just gets bigger and it never really solves the problem 'cause you can't separate us from the compassion connection....the hands on involvement. We really are looking towards the wrong source."

Perry responds

"James, our founding fathers recognised that. They knew that government, cause they had seen it first hand at that very far away authoritative type of government that was coming out of England in the mid 17 hundreds and as they wrote that constitution they very clearly understood that Government....they wanted their federal government to be rather limited for the states to have the real authority and the real power because that was the people. And as I see whats going on in the world today I'm amazed at their vision and how prescient they were about human kind and our failings as human beings......that when you are given power that it takes a really special person ( ME ME ME) not to abuse it."

We can only guess at who it is Perry thinks is abusing his power. Nonetheless it is clear during the interview, Perry deems that compassion is out and good old self reliance is in. The free market is going to take care of you because "it is so invigorating" and it is "such a beautiful thing... for people to take care of themselves and their family."

It is interesting to note that despite his own insistence on self reliance for American people, Robison has had no problem in mounting money raising campaigns for the poor and starving in countries such as Cambodia and Africa. The contributions raised are said to be in the region of $50 million a year but Robison thinks that he does not need to disclose the full information of what happens to those contributions.

James Robison, as a leading proponent and spin meister of the new right wing talking points, appears to be positioning himself not only as Perry's spiritual advisor but a political advisor too. In September 2010 Robison convened a meeting of right wing religious leaders seeking to plot a stategy for the 2012 presidential election. The main aim of the meeting, according to the Americans United website, was the removal from the White House of President Barack Obama. According to the article Robison believes that the Christian right can use the same methods that it used thirty years ago to oust President Carter. It is clear from the following post on his blog regarding Ronald Reagan that Robison does consider himself somewhat a kingmaker.

I suggested Reagan open the National Affairs Briefing with the statement, "I know this is a non-partisan event, so you cannot endorse me. But I want you to know, I endorse you!"

"I like that," Reagan said. He went on to deliver that line, which earned him the first of many standing ovations that night from the 17,000 people in attendance. It became the headline in newspapers around the country.The day after the highly successful event, the soon-to-be president called to express his gratitude. A few minutes into the phone call, Reagan had to take another call. "Here, Nancy wants to talk to you--I'll be right back," he said, handing the telephone to his wife.The two of us talked for a considerable time. She reaffirmed her husband's excitement about the event and thanked me for helping organize and energize it. When Mr. Reagan came back on the line, we discussed other issues related to the country and the election, then we prayed together and hung up. That evening, more than ever, I knew that American needed a man with the principles, conviction and communication ability of Ronald Reagan as our 40th President.

Imagine what it is that Robison thinks he can do for Perry. This is the link to Robison's new website. Posts include titles such as America: A Secular Theocracy which professes that Americans live in a secular theocratic state! I always thought that theocracy and secular were two entirely different entities but who am I to argue with a kingmaker?

Part 2 tomorrow.

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